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Apple's pivoting business | TECH(feed)

Computerworld | Mar 27, 2019

Check out today’s episode of TECH(feed), where we’re discussing tech company acquisitions and diving into what Apple’s service showcase means for its business.

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hey everyone, welcome back to tech feed i’m juliet beauchamp. today we’re talking some tech company acquisitions and looking at what apple’s service showcase means for its business--stick around.

uber is set to acquire its main rival in the middle east, careem, with a deal valued at 3 point 1 billion dollars. the acquisition, if approved by regulators, would give uber access to middle east countries in which it does not currently operate, like iraq and palestine. this is ahead of the company’s anticipated public offering, which may reach a valuation of 120 billion dollars. while uber will acquire careem if the deal goes through, both companies will operate mostly independently of one another. careem is currently headquartered in dubai and is available to users across 15 countries in the middle east and africa.

and in some other acquisition news, spotify is set to buy another podcasting company. this time it’s buying parcast, a production company that primarily makes crime and mystery podcasts. while details of the acquisition were not disclosed, the deal will likely close before june 30th. spotify recently acquired two other podcasting companies--gimlet media and anchor, within the past few weeks. by acquiring more podcast companies, spotify is paving its way to becoming a hub for all things audio.

so by now, you’ve probably heard a bit of buzz about the services unveiled at apple’s showcase on monday. if not--here’s a quick recap: apple teased the release of a few of its new services, which include apple news plus, apple tv plus, apple arcade and apple card. but, many of these new services are months away from release. and this showcase marked an important transition for apple as the tech giant pivots from devices to services. iphone sales, and smartphone sales in general, have slumped recently, and it’s possible apple is moving towards subscriptions to make up for potentially lower profits. this isn’t the first time apple has shifted its business focus--once upon a time, its main product was macs--then it shifted to the handheld devices like iphone and ipad we know and love today. as we learn more about these apple services, and as they actually roll out, we’ll keep you in the loop.

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