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Preventing data leakage in Windows

CSO Online | Dec 26, 2018

Set data loss prevention policies in Windows 10 to prevent data leakage.

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Susan here for CSO Online. Today we're going to talk about data loss prevention policies. It's a very easy way to set up rules and in your organization so that someone doesn't accidentally sent out an email that has some sensitive information. You first start by going to data loss prevention. And you click on policy. From here you can either edit the existing default policy which isn't enabled by default or you can set up a new one. I'm going to show how you can set up a new one. Now the nice thing about it they actually have set up several templates based on your industries and also what countries. So for example if you know that you live like I do in the United States of America, and if you have to deal with financial rules. You know that you can pick from these templates that have already set up rules for your organization. In my day job I work for financial organizations so I'm going to choose financial and U.S. financial data. Now what this does is it looks in the emails or in the files up on SharePoint for certain information. As you can already guess credit card numbers bank account numbers routing numbers have patterns. So this rule actually sets it up. So it says hey you know I see a number that matches this pattern. I'm going to make sure it does not go outside of the organization or perhaps between email boxes inside of your organization. However you want to set that rule up. You click next. You can choose to change the policy name.
And or some information if you want to have a description about it. Click next. And then you choose where you want that location to be if you want it in all locations in your office 365 exchange email, one drive, SharePoint or you can actually narrow it down to specific locations. Again we can set it up so it's only outside of the organization. Only with people inside of my organization and obviously if you want both. You set up two rules. You can also set up advanced settings. When you set out how you want to be quick next. I have the E5 Microsoft 365 E5 subscription. So here I have policy tips that I can turn on and what that does is when the person it opens up their outlook email and if they attempt to email out to another organization a social security number it will actually warn them inside the email that they're not allowed to do that. Again much you've got all of these settings the way you want to click next. If you want to test it out so let's say you don't want to enforce it right away you want to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to but not what you don't want it to do. You can actually set it up to test it out and you can also show the policy tips if you want to enable it right away you say yes. Otherwise you keep it in audit mode click next. And then when you're done hit create.
And after about an hour actually will be in effect and you can actually test it out and see if it's what you want. So that's Today's tip for data protection policies. Until next time this is Susan Bradley.
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