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6 trends shaping IT cloud strategies today

CIO | May 6, 2018

From multi-cloud strategies to cost containment and container orchestration, CIOs are getting more pragmatic and prudent when taking advantage of the cloud’s economies of scale.

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Cloud computing is now a standard in modern businesses and it’s helping fuel digital transformation and the modernization of IT. In fact, the global public cloud market will hit $178 billion this year, which is up from $146 billion in 2017, according to Forrester Research.
Here are six key trends that are shaping cloud adoption today.
Rise of multi-cloud
Businesses are embracing cloud services – sometimes in multiples. Most companies are using not one, but two or three cloud services. For example, Honeywell is using IBM and Microsoft Azure, while General Electric and Accenture are both using Amazon Web Services and Azure. It’s a good way for businesses to stay vendor neutral, but Forrester Research analyst, Lauren Nelson warns businesses should ensure seamless portability of applications and data between vendors.
Disaster recovery is top priority
CIOs are starting to take disaster recovery seriously with public cloud services. They’re acutely aware of the importance of backing up services run in the cloud. This year, more CIOs will start utilizing multiple cloud vendors to backup copies of their software or data applications, according to Jake Burns, vice president of cloud services for Live Nation.
Cloud security: No longer a bolt-on
This year, expect to see more cloud services start offering data protection, encryption and security as integrated features, rather than ad-on’s to help provide CIOs with more reassurance, says Nelson.
Cloud cost containment
Cloud pricing is getting more complex, with some companies charging by messages sent or data used per-second. Even still, IT executives are getting better at navigating these costs and saving money in the process, says Forrester analyst Dave Bartoletti.
Container orchestration gets real
Containers have grown in popularity in recent years, since they help make it easier for developers to manage and migrate software code. And Forrester predicts that the google-developed platform Kubernetes will dominate container orchestration in the next few years.
Cloud culture club
There’s a culture shift happening in organizations to embrace faster software delivery. Companies are focusing on helping developers and IT departments stay agile and scalable through training, budgets and investing in developers.
If your business has already embraced the cloud, these will be the six biggest trends influencing your cloud strategy in the next year.
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