Best Places to Work in IT: Akamai

IDG.TV | Feb 18, 2016

What's it like to work at this fast-growing content delivery and cloud services company? Computerworld checked out the scene at Akamai's Cambridge, Mass., headquarters.

"Akamai is a Cambridge, Mass.-based technology company," says Kumud Kalia, CIO at the content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services provider. "Our mission is to make the Internet fast, reliable and secure. The idea is main content from websites we keep on our servers, close to where our users are, so that as they access the Internet, if they're accessing an Akamai server, that gives them the impression of a very fast, usable Internet."

Keith Hillis, director, enterprise risk and information security, says, "I've always had a lot of respect for the company. That's what drew me to Akamai to begin with. What I like most about Akamai is the culture. It's a very scientific culture, it's very data-driven. There's not a lot of back-and-forth and politics; it's about making the right decisions for the company moving forward."

"The culture here is amazing, because we've somehow managed, and I'm not quite sure how. to keep that small-company feel, even though we've grown from a couple hundred people to now what is thousands," says Kate Prouty, senior director, engineering. "It's really important to our executives that the people who work here really enjoy working here, that they have a full life, that there's balance, and that that's as important sometimes as their ability to do their office job."