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White Paper | Presented by CBTS

Estimated $12 billion spent on infrastructure - ZK Research

IT and business leaders today are focused on creating a more agile business! Evolving the WAN must be at the top of every IT and business leader's priority list because organizations can only be as agile as their least agile IT component - which, today, is the WAN.

How Digital Transformation Unlocks Innovation and Business Value

Businesses are looking to digital transformation to move faster, increase agility and get things done at the pace today's workforce demands. In this webcast, you'll learn about how and what technologies are supporting the goal of digital transformation and changing how we work and collaborate.

What CIOs need to know: Cloud Transformation 2.0

The rise of and deep reliance on cloud capabilities has forever changed business and also the responsibilities of the CIO - leading to altered organization structures, increased demands, and challenging key success metrics. Join this live webcast to learn more. Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 01:00 PM EDT.

eGuide | Presented by CBTS

CIOs and IT Departments are experiencing increased pressures

Is your business facing the acceleration of technology demands? Learn how six key verticals are moving to the cloud to circumvent business and IT challenges in order to be set up for success against future demands. Download this guide and start realizing new business efficiencies immediately.

eGuide | Presented by CBTS

Confused with the deluge of new network industry buzzwords

SD-WAN, SDN, NFV, and VNFs all share similar principles and goals but with so many acronyms and each one building on another, it can be confusing about how they work together. This Technical Brief Guide to SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, and VNF describes the difference and provides a tailored cloud solution.

Video/Webcast | Presented by SmartDeploy

How to Survive Windows 10 Updates

The truth is, Microsoft isn't being transparent about the technical realities behind Windows 10's new Windows as a Service delivery model. It sounds great - more features and better security, delivered often and automatically - but many IT teams now have less control, end user productivity is less stable, and the need to communicate clear and accurate user expectations has become even more important.

eBook | Presented by CBTS

Selecting the right SD-WAN provider leads to success

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) has garnered much media attention and, in turn, attracted a large number of entrants wanting to grab a piece of the market. Get guidance on asking the right questions of a potential SD-WAN provider and clarify the key attributes that separate vendors from each other.

eBook | Presented by CBTS

Understanding SD-WAN best practices

Confused about SD-WAN? This eBook was created with CIOs in mind. Download the concise guide, Software-Defined WAN For Dummies, and learn everything you need to know about SD-WAN! This free eBook is brought to you by CBTS and it's partner VeloCloud.

Voice Biometrics Revolutionizes CX

Contact centers are the favorite entry point for fraudsters - and it's getting worse. Voice biometrics is the best line of defense. In this webcast, you'll learn how voice biometrics works to create a unique voiceprint that quickly authenticates your customers. The result is much stronger security without a negative impact on customer experience

Top 5 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

The cloud has been one of the most optimal ways companies manage their IT resources, not to mention it acts as a critical component in how enterprises use technology and drive innovation. Read this white paper to explore the top five advantages of moving from slow legacy systems to the agile cloud.

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