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Special report: Extending the reach of enterprise developers

There's a quiet revolution taking place in the software development space, with a focus on learning, leadership, and communications

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Software developer. Software engineer. Application developer. Programmer. The words we use to describe the software developers who work in corporate settings are always changing.

But in an economy in which software powers businesses operations and economic growth alike, these technical leads are more important than ever to the success of the companies that employ them. In response, the workplace is undergoing a quiet revolution, as “programmers” are transforming from mere functionaries working in the belly of the beast to central figures with lines of communication to business leaders and responsibility for translating the needs of the business into the tools, technologies and code that will keep their employers lean, smart and efficient.

In this special report, InfoWorld surveys these “enterprise developers” and finds they're wearing more hats than ever before within the organization: as thought leaders, collaborators and mentors, with a new focus on learning, leadership and communications that would have been unheard-of even 10 years ago.

Find out how the role of the developer is changing, along with the challenges they face and the essential skills for success. The survey even dives into the differences in the workplace experience for younger and older developers.

The programming world never stands still. Stay up on the latest trends for enterprise developers with InfoWorld's special report. Download it today.

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