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What you need to know about the Google Go language (Golang)

In a short five years, Google Go has jumped to the forefront among programming languages. Get the scoop on this phenomenon with InfoWorld's Deep Dive, including coding tips and use cases

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What happens when the people behind one of the most influential operating systems of the last 50 years or so decide they don’t like what’s happened to the language they wrote their OS in? If you're Unix creators Rob Pike and Ken Thompson, you decide to rebuild it your own way. Along with Robert Griesmer at Google, they came up with a new systems-level programming language, with a focus on speeding up software development. Enter Go.

In the five or so years since its announcement, Go has become the basis of many production systems at Google, as well as many more projects across the Web. Docker and Kubernetes are only two of the major technologies utilizing Go.

In this downloadable PDF, InfoWorld offers programming tips, along with background history and project advice on how and where to use Go. Download the Deep Dive, and get in on Go as soon as you can.

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