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Build an IoT analytics solution with big data tools

The Internet of things seems futuristic, but real systems are delivering real analytics value today. Here’s some real-world IoT advice from the field

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With all the hype around the Internet of things, you have a right to be skeptical that the reality could ever match the promise. I'd feel that way myself -- if it weren’t for recent firsthand experience.

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project that involved applying IoT technologies to medical devices and pharmaceuticals in a way that could have a profound impact on health care. Seeing the possibilities afforded by “predictive health care” opened my eyes to the value of IoT more than any other project I’ve been associated with.

Of course, the primary value in an IoT system is in the ability to perform analytics on the acquired data and extract useful insights, though make no mistake -- building a pipeline for performing scalable analytics with the volume and velocity of data associated with IoT systems is no walk in the park. To help you avoid some of the difficulties we encountered, allow me to share a few observations on how to develop an ideal IoT analytics stack.

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