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Moving legacy applications to the cloud

Enterprises accumulate hundreds of applications essential to the business over the years. Many can benefit from a move to the cloud

Moving legacy applications to the cloud

Much of the conversation about commercial use of the cloud is focused on the doings of large, cloud-native corporations. Witness, for example, the recent headlines generated after online gaming giant Zynga announced that it would abandon a $100 million data center it stood up just four years ago to move its infrastructure back to Amazon’s public cloud.

However, an even more momentous transition is happening below the radar, as rank-and- file enterprises begin to move millions of legacy applications from self-managed, on-premises deployments to public, private, and hybrid clouds. How big will this trend be? According to 451 Research, within two years, 34 percent of enterprises will have 60 percent or more of their applications on a cloud platform. To be sure, some of those are new “cloud-native” applications, but most are legacy, with the majority being more than 10 years old.

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