Deep Dive

The professional programmer's business survival guide

Faulty foundations, AWOL contractors, bugs piling up, nightmare clients -- find out how to handle the real-world problems faced by programmers

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Developers are riding a wave of success, as IT job demand skyrockets, along with the paychecks that go with them. However, the good news doesn't cover the day-to-day reality of dealing with difficult projects and clients.

In this downloadable PDF, InfoWorld talks to seasoned pros about the gotchas that can derail a coding project. First up: How to salvage a (nearly) hopeless software assignment. Learn to identify the issues that separates a complete code rebuild, a quick patch job, and everything in between.

Then come the nightmare clients. Dragons, trolls, unicorns -- they lay in wait to snap up unsuspecting developers in impossible projects. Recognize the warning signs and pick up tips on neutralizing beastly client behavior before it gets the best of you.

Not all developer skills are taught in school, but InfoWorld has you covered with real-world knowledge for navigating hopeless projects and nightmare clients. Survive and thrive in any work environment with these indispensable tips. Download the PDF today.

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