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Quick guide: 15 must-have open source tools for Windows admins

Sure, Microsoft has a ton of useful admin tools, but terrific, complementary open source options abound

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Microsoft admins seeking solid server-side tools know the mothership offers a mother lode of solutions for supporting Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, and so on. But for those with an eye on the bottom line or looking to branch out in supporting their Microsoft-based server room, plenty of free, open source tools are available from both Microsoft (via CodePlex) and third-party developers.

InfoWorld reveals the 15 open source tools every Windows admin should get to know and use. You may already work with some of them, such as 7-Zip for compressing files. Others, like Azure Storage Explorer, are newer or in beta. Tools for networking, disk analysis, virtualization, backup, and more are all included, and they're all free.

Whether you want to stretch your corporate dollar or want to branch out from the Microsoft agenda, there's a free open source tool to fit your needs. Grab a copy of InfoWorld's handy list of essential Windows admin tools, and start downloading right away.

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