Digital Trust, The New Business Foundation

All economic transactions are based on the principals of trust. This was 
documented in 1972 by Nobel Prize winner economist Kenneth Arrow,
who pointed out that "virtually every commercial transaction has within 
itself an element of trust" and how higher trust equated to higher levels of 
economic activity.
Trust is, however, an amorphous concept that is highly personal. 
Traditionally,trust is built up over time,with social connections forming a 
large part of the "journey to trust," but today,that has given way to a new 
online or mobile paradigm in which human interaction is very limited, and 
in some cases,totally nonexistent. Organizations have to build up trust 
through the efficacy of their online capabilities, assurance they offer with 
regard to the integrity and security of any transaction they conduct, and 
willingness to be as transparent with customers as legislation and 
competition permit.