Securing Cloud-Native Apps and CI/CD Pipelines at Scale

Enterprises are adopting DevOps practices and leveraging continuous integration and deployment (CI/ CD) processes to increase the pace of innovation and accelerate their digital transformation. But disjointed security systems and practices can slow down CI/CD pipelines, delay applications from going into production, frustrate developers, and lead to risky workarounds. Developers too often hard-code credentials into applications or take other shortcuts, exposing the business to costly data breaches and crippling cyberattacks. Forward-looking organizations are shifting security left in the software development lifecycle to engage development teams earlier, and improve coordination and collaboration. And they are using secrets management solutions to increase automation, reduce vulnerabilities, and accelerate application delivery.

This whitepaper examines DevOps security challenges and outlines how new DevSecOps practices and tools help organizations strengthen security without impairing business agility.