Better Together: SaaS Digital Commerce Platforms and ERP Help Organizations Grow Past Legacy Limitations

In today's digital economy, B2B and B2C organizations can no longer settle for customer experience and operational systems that are merely "good enough." Midmarket and enterprise organizations face sky-high customer expectations for commerce experiences that have minimal friction, so systems must make it simple for customers to discover products and services, add them to their carts, check out, and receive their orders in their preferred delivery method. Organizations simultaneously see fierce competition internationally, making it more important than ever to digitally transform their front-office and back-office technologies and processes to outpace the competition. The global COVID-19 crisis heightened the importance of customer experience and operational systems. In this digital-first environment, where delivering an excellent and frictionless commerce experience is a prerequisite to success, leading organizations are looking at closely integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) and digital commerce platforms for their businesses to be successful and resilient.