Back to School for Students & Back to Basics for InfoSec

New semesters bring new cybersecurity threats. As new students and staff receive their
new college emails, the more opportunities there are for attackers to strike. Even today, most
cyberattacks still start with phishing emails because their tactics continue to evolve and work. So how
can you better protect your institution?

Join our guest speaker Mike Manrod, CISO at Grand Canyon Education, and Ryan Witt, Managing
Director at Proofpoint, for this webinar as they focus on higher education’s evolving threat landscape
and the increasingly sophisticated tactics cybercriminal are using to target academia. In this session, we
will examine how to you can:

- Harden your email security to stop phishing, ransomware, and BEC attacks
- Stop email spoofing and spot look-alike domains
- Protect sensitive data with an integrated DLP platform