2019: A Record-Breaking Year For Ransomware

2019 has been another record-breaking year for ransomware attacks. We’ve seen a variety of attacks more diverse than ever before: from government agencies to international corporations, from the United States to Europe and beyond, it seemed like nothing was safe from ransomware in 2019. The statistics speak for themselves: ransomware attacks have shot up 500% in 2019 since this time last year.

With this increase in attacks in mind, all organizations are exposed to security breaches: from large multinationals, to SMEs, to public organizations. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, the percentage of organizations that experienced an attack in 2018 was 61%. The 2019 figure is likely to be even higher. This is largely due to the surge of ransomware attacks that we’ve seen throughout the year.

So what did ransomware in 2019 actually look like? Read on to learn about the biggest attacks of the year, how companies bounced back from them, and how you can stay protected in 2020.