Adapting your infrastructure to HMC environments

The adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud is growing, and for good reason. The benefits are quantifiable, from improving availability to increased flexibility. At the same time, however, many organizations need to reassess, modify, or overhaul their network infrastructure to better facilitate application delivery from multiple clouds.

Panelists John Burke, CIO and Principal Research Analyst at Nemertes Research, Abhilash Verma, VP, Product Management, Citrix Networking, and Geoff Knaak, Senior System Administrator and Technical Manager, from Aria Systems discusses:

  • Why forward-looking companies are moving to a hybrid multi-cloud model
  • Successful processes and best practices around enterprise workloads, modern architecture, and application deployment in a hybrid multi-cloud world
  • How Aria Systems successfully moved their on-prem global data centers to AWS and Azure environments with Citrix