Cloud Blockchain Solutions: Clarity, not Chaos

Blockchain technology is being touted as a solution - sometimes as the solution - to problems in a wide range of fields - from real estate sales to supply chain management and even the conduct of elections. It is also a technology that is still very much in the process of making its way into full enterprise-scale usage. As with any new, potentially ground-breaking technology, this phase between early hype and subsequent ubiquity is marked by potential opportunities as well as potential pitfalls. There exists a vast array of blockchain solutions out in the market today. These range from general purpose starter kits to industry-specific offerings, from barebones tools giving developers fine-grained control to fully managed services on the cloud. For an enterprise considering adopting blockchain, it is reasonable to expect a period of consolidation during which winners and losers emerge from among these offerings. How does an enterprise pick a solution given this state of flux and the distinct possibility that many of the currently popular options may not be so popular two years from now? This webinar addresses this issue by discussing the state of blockchain technology, the offerings out in the market, and some general trends which could hint at the directions which further developments in the field could take.