The Top 10 Trends Business Leaders Must Know Before 2020


Self-professed data nerds Jeff Ma and Tamara Gaffney have scoured thousands of data reports to bring you 45 minutes of the most essential business trends for 2020 and how to prepare for them.

Join us, October 17, 2019, to be apart of this non-obvious trends session that is packed with data on topics like employee experience, platform transformation, leadership imperatives and societal shifts. Did you know that a recent survey of 43,000 consumers points toward a new shift in “unplugging” as young people are recognizing the negative impact to their lives from being constantly “on”? Whether your title starts with a “C” or you interact with one, your career depends on making the right choice as we shuffle the deck in the next decade.

This session covers the following business areas:
• Meeting operational and employee expectations
• Preparing for risk, security and privacy imperatives
• Developing architecture and incorporating technology
• Maximizing the impact from data and insights