On Demand Webinar: Why and How to cloud-connect your Sage ERP Deployment

Small- to medium-sized (SMB) companies have been among the key beneficiaries of cloud services – gaining access to IT resources and applications that match the capabilities of large enterprises with extensive budgets. But when it comes to core applications such as accounting, manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management, many SMBs have been wary of entrusting key data to the cloud. The core applications in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system often represent the company’s “crown jewels.” These are time-tested, often highly customized, and critical to operations—so it comes as no surprise that IT and business managers might be reluctant moving them off prem. See how businesses are adopting a “hybrid” approach that brings cloud solutions to the on-premise ERP. 
Join us for this 30 minute on-demand webinar to learn:
How to Leverage ERP with Cloud Services
How to maximize ERP Investment with Cloud
More about Sage Business Cloud
How to Cloud-Connect your Sage ERP Deployment More about Sage Business Cloud