Batesville transformed their point-of-delivery process with a Dropsource-built mobile app.

Batesville, an Indiana-based supplier of burial and cremation products, found themselves facing growing logistical and economic challenges because of their point-of-delivery and inventory management process which, as is common in their industry, was primarily a manual, fragmented and paper-based process.

As part of Batesville’s effort towards digital transformation, they turned to Dropsource and in a few short weeks they were able to transform their point-of-delivery process by equipping their drivers and inventory operations teams with a truly native mobile app built in Dropsource.

Download this case study to learn how Batesville:
  • Reduced app development time to less than 3 months after previously unsuccessful efforts
  • Deployed a truly native mobile app to more than 300 delivery drivers and staff
  • Integrated enterprise-grade mobile hardware and offline storage