DevOps Cloud Native Microservices HOL

This Oracle Public Cloud DevOps and Cloud Native Microservices workshop will walk you through the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for a Cloud Native project, during which you will create and use several Microservices. During this workshop you will take on the role of 4 personae. As the first persona - the Project Manager - you will create the projects, add tasks and features to be worked on, and assign tasks to developers. The Project Manager will then start the initial sprint. The Java Developer persona will develop a new twitter feed microservice that will allow for retrieval and filtering of twitter data. The Full Stack Developer persona will develop a new database microservice that allows access to the product catalog data. The JavaScript Developer persona will make enhancements to the Product Catalog UI that will display the twitter data related to a select catalog item. During the workshop, you will get exposure to Oracle Developer Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service.