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Career hacks: Professional do’s and don’ts for developers

The hot skills to master, the secrets to breaking into management, the career mistakes to avoid -- here's how to refactor yourself as the developer every organization wants

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As software eats the world, the demand for skilled developers is high. But it takes more than code alone to get ahead. Software’s pervasiveness means far greater responsibilities for software engineers, as well as the need to expand your skills constantly -- and to assess your career trajectory often.

From JavaScript to big data to devops, we break down your best bets for bolstering your career in the coming years, including tips to help you navigate the interview process with confidence, costly career mistakes to avoid, and insights on how to become the developer every organization wants. And for talented engineers who see management as their next step, we have you covered, providing effective strategies for making the transition from the command line to line of command.

InfoWorld’s developer career development guide takes you through what to expect and what you can do to get ahead as a programmer, with experts in the field offering their wisdom. Learn from their experience as you gather your own.

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