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Video/Webcast | Presented by Spanning

Office 365 Backup & Recovery: Is it Necessary?

Is your organization currently using or considering Office 365? There’s no question that Office 365 has significant benefits — like increased collaboration, lower capital expenses, and less overhead. But have you considered the risk of data loss in Office 365? When you, your users or malicious outsiders cause data loss, how confident are you that you can get the data back?

Video/Webcast | Presented by Spanning

On-Page Restore: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

In this video, we demonstrate the On-Page Restore feature for Spanning Backup for Salesforce! With this feature, admins and end users can restore field-level data directly back on a record’s page. This feature works on both standard and custom objects types, so you will always be able to restore data, should you need it. This feature is incredibly useful for correcting accidental changes to your data, or for tracking how data changes over time.

White Paper | Presented by Spanning

New Forrester Report: Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t

We’re on a mission to help every company using key SaaS applications protect against data loss. Why? Because data loss doesn’t have to be a disaster. In a recently updated Forrester report, Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t, Naveen Chhabra states that backing up SaaS application data is your responsibility and it’s the only practical option for SaaS Data Protection.

White Paper | Presented by Spanning

Preventing a Ransomware Disaster

nsomware is a threat to businesses that costs millions of dollars each year and continues to grow in sophistication. Fortunately, Spanning Backup protects your SaaS applications from data loss with easy to deploy, efficient, backup and restore solutions for G Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.

White Paper | Presented by Spanning

Understanding the Difference between Google Vault and Spanning

Many people concerned about data loss in G Suite wonder if Google Vault is the solution to their problems. It’s not. Vault is designed to meet eDiscovery and compliance needs, but not backup and recovery needs. For backup and recovery, you need a solution designed specifically for that purpose, like Spanning Backup for G Suite. In this paper, we’ll look at the differences between Vault and Spanning Backup, so you can make an informed decision about what to do to make sure all your needs are met.