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Blending business strategy and ITSM for transformational value

Aligning organizational strategies with IT service management is a problem that needs solving, according to the latest research. The task relies on the C-suite, the CIO and the IT organization to collaborate and adopt the best practices that will deliver real value from digital transformation.

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IT Service Management: Bringing Organization to Your Organization

IT service management (ITSM) is a set of policies, processes, and procedures for managing the implementation, improvement, and support of customer-oriented IT services. Its focus is less on hardware, network, or systems than on the aim of consistently improving IT customer service-in alignment with business goals.

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The Era of Employee Services

On a regular basis, they’re interacting with companies that deliver some of the best customer experiences. But, when they come to work, do they find the same levels of excellence from your service desk?

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When School Is Out, IT Is In

Fast moving technology innovations increase the need for campus IT to mold itself into an organization that not only develops students capable of utilizing and benefiting from new technologies, but provides toolsets that enable productivity and cross-departmental collaboration of faculty and staff.From resource allocations and automation to integrating and centralizing IT, there are many challenges for campus IT to tackle.

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Transforming ITIL to Fit the Modern IT Organization

IT organizations across industries are consistently debating on whether or not ITIL makes sense for their teams. If you haven’t already implemented ITIL, should you? And, if you have already implemented ITIL, how do you update it to make sense for your evolving team? There is opportunity for you to transform some of the outdated aspects of the framework.

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Visibility: Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Service and Support

Today’s up-and-coming executives are expected to measure every aspect of their team’s work and provide insights to their own leaders. For the IT service and support leaders to be successful, there’s a need to know exactly what to measure and how to go about it.

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Six Indispensable Features of the Modern Service Desk

New technology can be intimidating, but the features of the modern service desk should make life easier for users, not more complicated. By leveraging all of the modern technology available for your service desk, you’ll have a lower cost and more efficient operation, leaving all parties more satisfied with internal services. When deciding on a solution, make sure you’re asking how modern technology can apply to your organization.

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Enterprise Service Management: Uniting Customer and Service Models

At the backbone of enterprise service management (ESM) there’s ITIL and service management concepts and capabilities. Driving benefits like department transparency, business continuity, cost control, and staff productivity, ESM is bringing value across the greater expanse of a business. An ESM approach helps with effective service oriented efforts across different organizations, enabling the core focus to be on business services that enable agility or improve the customer engagement or experience.

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Budget Priorities for Evolving ITSM Technology

There are always pressing needs in the IT budget for network, firewalls, hardware, and applications. You know, the line items. However, today’s employees are demanding a new level of internal service. Prioritize these demands in this year’s budget, and you’ll be on your way to your highest satisfaction rates to date.

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ITSM Projects: 10 Biggest Mistakes You're Probably Making

ITIL works with best practices for IT project management, while providing the framework necessary for success. Many IT organizations have found success utilizing ITIL throughout their projects, however, there are many who have had little or no success. With so many frameworks and best practices available to IT for project success, where are the downfalls occurring?