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Java 10 and beyond: Keeping up with the language and planning for the future

Java experts, Toomas Romer and Rod Cope, discuss recent changes to the language and how they impact tools, development velocity, and the ability to innovate; along with industry insights to better plan for more complex systems, the inevitable modernization, and adapting to scale.

2017 Productivity Report

Understand your team's world, from the languages they like, the tools they prefer, and what matters to them. The 2017 Productivity Report covers the daily landscape of developers, exposing where there's room for improvement and what you can do to make their lives better, happier and more productive.

The Hidden Productivity Killer: Redeploys

Cycles of rebuild, restart the JVM, redeploy, and test changes take an average of 8 minutes, repeated several times an hour. Most just accept this, or practice less than optimal hygiene to avoid this time-waster. This guide walks through each step, how it adds up to the biggest productivity killer in Java, and how to avoid it.

How to create tomorrow’s winning API strategy for your business today

Learn from enterprises who've taken API management from pilot to production.