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Data in Every Employee's Hands: Harvard Business Review Webinar Summary

Read “Data in Every Employee’s Hand” to discover: •        Why democratizing data science is so important •        How to create broad-based data science skills to produce data literate employees and teams •        How to distribute responsibility for data

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Visual Analytics for Dummies

Visual analytics can be the key to transforming your business. But how do you make the leap from data to decision-making? Learn how in three short chapters and 10 key data analytics takeaways. See how a modern data analytics platform is different and how it can provide exciting – and unexpected – insights for your business. Download the Dummies Guide to uncover the power of smarter insight.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

Developing a Data Literate Workforce

We're committed to creating a data-literate world that can transform business and improve society. As part of that vision, we want to share our six-step approach to developing a dynamic data literacy program across your organization -- a program that will give all your people the power to freely explore all your data. Find out more about proven strategies and best practices everyone can use, and access detailed learning plans for every data persona in your organization.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

IDC PlanScape: Data Intelligence Software for Data Governance

Get the right strategy – and the right technology – for governing your data without locking it down. When you’re using analytics to transform your organization, data governance is essential – but lock-down is a problem. How can you strike a balance between accessibility and trust? With data intelligence software, which helps you take a holistic approach that combines technology and organizational processes.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

Lead with Data: How to Drive Data Literacy in the Enterprise

New research shows business leaders are struggling to master data literacy themselves. And that’s leading to widespread deficiency in data confidence. Without data literacy, leaders can’t thrive in today’s analytics economy nor can they drive any sort of cultural change toward leading with data across their organizations.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

3rd Gen BI: Unlocking Possibilities in Your Data (WP)

Data has always held tremendous value. But for decades, most of that value was left on the table. Not anymore. The 3rd generation of BI spreads analytics to every corner of your business, finally giving all your users the power to make discoveries that ignite transformation.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

4 Fundamental Ways Data is Changing the Face of Business (white paper)

Day after day, the digital world transforms more human actions into data-generating experiences. All of that data represents massive opportunity for businesses. Intelligence. Optimization. Innovation. Profitability. Growth. And competitive edge.

eBook | Presented by QlikTech

Fueling Digital Transformation with Data- Four Approaches that Get You There Faster

If you want to compete in the digital world, you have to find ways to reinvent every aspect of your business. To do that, you need an analytics strategy that gives everyone in your workforce the power to make game-changing discoveries.

eBook | Presented by QlikTech

Top BI Trends 2019: The Dawn of Postmodern Analytics

Data is at a crossroads. Massive corporations are consolidating our data while many of us advocate for transparency and access for all. It’s time to embrace postmodern analytics for even better performance, deeper insights, and broader participation.

White Paper | Presented by QlikTech

10 Ways to Tranform Big Data into Big Value

Modern BI solutions can increase the value of Big Data exponentially, by lowering the barrier to entry with user friendly solutions. This allows more people within your organization – not just the data scientists – to access, analyze, and collaborate on your data.

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