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White Paper | Presented by One Identity

10 steps to cleaning up Active Directory user accounts -- and keeping them that way

In this document, you will discover 10 steps you can take to remediate user account problems in AD and to prevent them from occurring in the future. These steps use native AD features and common workflow technology such as Microsoft SharePoint, so no significant prerequisites will hinder your ability to implement my recommendations.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

8 Best Practices for Identity and Access Management

Too often, IT is placed in the role of “gatekeeper” simply because only IT has the tools needed to manage identity. But with the right identity management tools in place, IT maintains the tools and infrastructure, and the business controls the actual identities.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Access Control Is Easy, Use Active Directory Groups and Manage Them Well

This paper examines why AD groups are at the center of the access control and governance universe and then explore what it takes to manage them. I will discuss why and how to implement group ownership and attestation controls. Also, we’ll look at how much group maintenance can be automated through self-service access-request handling and policy-based rule assignments.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Authentication Services Single Sign-on for SAP®

For many organizations, SAP® applications and services are mission-critical. However, SAP applications often must meet strict standards demanded by Regulatory compliance, internal controls and corporate best practices. Learn how One Identity™ Authentication Services Single Sign-on for SAP delivers true single sign-on for SAP enterprise-wide. The solution enables users to transparently authenticate their SAP applications on Windows, Unix and Linux with the credentials acquired at network logon, providing a cost-effective, enterprise-proven and standards-based alternative to cumbersome and complex synchronization or meta-directory solutions.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Controlling and Managing Super user Access

Security and compliance are driving forces behind many IT initiatives. That makes controlling and managing privileged access a high priority for any IT team. Yet, as vital as it is to effectively manage privileged accounts, native tools and manual practices aren’t good enough in today’s complex heterogeneous environments

eBook | Presented by One Identity

IAM for the Real World – Privileged Account Management e-book

Read this white paper for essential information on the common security issues with privileged account management, and how you can minimize or eliminate them altogether.

eBook | Presented by One Identity

Identity and Access Management for the Real World: The Fundamentals

This short e-book “Identity and Access Management for the Real World” evaluates what IAM for the real world would, should and can look like, including best practices. It delves into the most pressing identity management and access management issues faced by virtually every organization and offers actionable, affordable and sustainable best practices for the IAM challenges you face.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Securely Managing Your UNIX Environment

UNIX systems face special identity and access management (IAM) challenges. This white paper details those challenges and explains how they can be overcome with the right practices and the right tools, enabling you to enhance security, achieve compliance, and dramatically improve operational efficiency.

White Paper | Presented by One Identity

Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts

Privileged accounts and users with elevated access have unique requirements that often push management and governance beyond the reach of traditional methods for privileged account management (PAM).

eBook | Presented by One Identity

Strategies to Ensure Success for Your Identity and Access Management (IAM) Project

Discover how you can set your IAM project up for success with the correct balance of access management, privileged account management (PAM) and identity governance using One Identity.

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