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Masters of Digital Workspace

Discover the advantages, challenges, and trends driving adoption of cloud-based workspaces as a key part of digital transformation. Each curated playlist explores a critical aspect of cloud-deployed workspaces, with tools to enable security, efficiency, and productivity where it matters most.

5 Signs You’re Ready for the Workspace Revolution

Is your organization prepared for what’s ahead? Empower your teams today with the tools they need boost productivity — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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Delivering the Future of Work – Now

Today’s workforce is trading in their cubicles and corporate desktops in favor an any-location, any-device work style. And as the modern workforce continues to be fueled by the emergence of digital natives, their appetite for user-friendly, cloud-based services grows, the center of work is shifting to the cloud.

How do Organizations Plan to Assure Application Delivery in a Multi-Cloud World?

Organizations are actively pursuing solutions that address application delivery in a multi-cloud world. A solution that assures applications, regardless of where they reside, are simply and reliably delivered to users – when, where, and how they need them.

The Mobile Revolution is Just Getting Started

A decade after the introduction of the first smartphone, mobile devices and applications have had an undeniable impact on the way people work, play, and perform routine tasks.

What CIOs need to know: Cloud transformation 2.0

This on-demand webinar from IDG & Citrix will focus on research and strategies covering topics surrounding the Hybrid Multi-Cloud environment visibility.

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The Guide to Multi-Dimensional ADC Scaling for Digital Transformation

You need an ADC that can reduce your app delivery costs by managing capacity centrally, and allocating bandwidth flexibly across your network. How do you select an ADC solution that will protect your investment and help you respond to changing conditions?

Protect against zero day threats and malware video

Ransomware, phishing attacks, and zero day exploits are the biggest nightmares facing IT today. You've seen it in the headlines, hackers targeting organizations, with all kinds of malware designed to not only steal sensitive data, but to encrypt it and hold it for ransom. But Citrix can help stop these attacks on day zero. Watch this video and we’ll show you how.

Restore data after ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are far more than an inconvenience. They can be costly, and literally bring business operations to a halt. That's something that's been well documented in the news headlines… big companies… unfortunately attacked and finding their critical data held for ransom. Watch this video and we'll show you how.