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Video/Webcast | Presented by Bigcommerce

Modern Ecommerce and the Risk of not Staying Current

Navigating the constantly changing and innovating world of ecommerce isn’t for the faint of heart. People change, businesses change, and the collection of tools, technologies, and software you use to run your business sometimes needs to change too. No wonder that the saying “You’re only as good as your tech stack” has been applied to ecommerce.

From Data to Decision

The explosion of data is creating transformational opportunities in artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. To monetize that data you will need to move from data to decision. In this webcast you will learn: - Why GPU-accelerated systems are needed for AI, ML and DL. - What software stack is needed for data science applications. - How companies in different industries are gaining game-changing insights.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

SD-WAN: Why Traditional Security Doesn’t Cut It

IT environments are increasingly leveraging cloud services (SaaS and IaaS) to drive the business and create better digital experiences. SD-WAN technology provides an efficient way for organizations to transform from legacy network architectures to a modern, cloud-centric environment. To make this transformation successful, organizations must also change their approach to security.

Optimizing Cloud and Multi-Cloud Once You’re There: Solutions to the Toughest Challenges

In recent EMA research, 89% of survey respondents said they experienced one or more unexpected challenges with their organization’s public cloud. So how do you optimize your public cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud investments once there? Join leading IT research firm EMA and Scalable for a webinar that will deliver an in-depth look at real-world challenges and solutions based on extensive EMA research.

Video/Webcast | Presented by XebiaLabs

How to Bake Compliance and Security into Your Software Delivery Process

Organizations struggle to deliver more and more software releases while keeping up with ever-increasing security risks and compliance issues across many different applications, teams, and environments. The stakes of that struggle are high: when risk assessment, security testing, and compliance evaluation aren’t built into the CI/CD pipeline, releases fail and cause delays, security vulnerabilities threaten Production, and IT governance violations result in expensive fines.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Sophos

Protect Your Network from Real-World Threats

Learn how to protect your network against the latest real-world threats.

Is the DBA dead... or alive and preparing for the future?

Watch this webcast and you’ll get to see real-world statistics on the evolving role of the DBA, common DBA concerns and valuable insights for career success. You’ll also learn how the trends of DevOps, cloud, NoSQL, big data and more will shape the future.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Box

5 Best Practices for Governing Your Content in the Cloud

The way we work as an organization is no longer changing. It has already changed. People access content from all kinds of devices, across different locations. Business content is being created and viewed both inside and outside of your organization. But how do you effectively protect the way it's shared and managed while meeting your compliance needs?

Video/Webcast | Presented by FireMon

5 Steps to Keeping Firewall Rules Up-to-Date and Secure

Global network security policy is difficult. And keeping that policy up-to-date is even more difficult. In this webinar, we’ll explore how to address this risky burden with help from subject matter experts at FireMon.

A Risk-Adaptive Approach to Dynamic Data Protection

Watch this 20-minute overview about Dynamic Data Protection - the first and only solution in the market of its kind, and the only one that can automate policy enforcement to dynamically respond to changes in risk within an organization.

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