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How to Implement Network Segmentation: Virtualization is a Must

To say that today’s networks face unprecedented challenges is an understatement. Every year, networks become larger and more dynamic, with potential threats coming from outside as well as within networks. From devices to data, hackers to employees, threats are everywhere and becoming more sophisticated and destructive.

10 Ways to Tranform Big Data into Big Value

Modern BI solutions can increase the value of Big Data exponentially, by lowering the barrier to entry with user friendly solutions. This allows more people within your organization – not just the data scientists – to access, analyze, and collaborate on your data.

20 Gmail Hacks to Maximize Productivity

Gmail is a powerful productivity tool, so long as you take control of your inbox, rather than letting it control you. Below we outline 20 more hidden features, settings and tools to help you fine-tune your Gmail experience and maximize your productivity. “Inbox Zero” has never been closer to reality.

5 Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Business Process Automation Leaders

According to AIIM's latest Industry Watch survey, just 19% of businesses process automation trailblazers with exceptional automation capabilities. This infographic explains what these leaders do differently: prioritize BPM, automate straight-forward processes first, focus on core BPA functionalities and workflow engines, and designate process owners.

5 Requirements For A Future-Ready Service Management Platform

Variations of this quote have also been used in IT circles ever since it became widely known. And while tremendous strides have been made toward IT automation, this vision remains almost as futuristic and elusive as it was nearly thirty years ago. It would have been hard to predict the current state of service management even five years ago—let alone 30 years ago—with the rise of the DevOps movement, cloud adoption, changes in industry leaders, and best practice approaches such as VeriSM™.

A Comprehensive Guide: Apple Device Management for Beginners

While some are very familiar with Apple already, many of you are diving into Apple device management for the first time. This guide is for the latter, and will help you build and master your Apple management skills.

A Comprehensive Guide: Mac Management for Beginners

While some are very familiar with Mac and macOS management already, many of you are diving into Mac management for the first time. This guide is for the latter, and will help you build and master your Mac management skills,

Activate Directory Migration: 7 lessons learned

We asked our Active Directory (AD) migration customers to share what they learned through their own migration experiences. Here are the top seven lessons learned that might help you as you plan your own AD migration.

A Migration Guide for Switching Mobile Device Management Solutions

There are many reasons for switching MDM solutions. Whether your current vendor doesn’t provide the support you expect or you simply require a more robust tool, switching MDM providers doesn’t have to be overwhelming or painful.

A Practical Guide for GDPR Complaince

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been approved by the European Union and, once it comes into force in May 2018, will give data subjects significant new rights over how their personal data is collected, processed, and transferred by data controllers and processors. It demands significant data protection safeguards to be implemented by organizations. The time to get ready is now, as the consequences of getting it wrong are significant.

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