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eBook | Presented by AWS & Intel

Cloud at the Edge for Healthcare and Life Sciences

For many healthcare and life sciences (HCLS) organizations, meeting data management requirements and processing latency-sensitive workloads on-premises is critical.

eBook | Presented by Lenovo

Strategy Guide: How to Bridge the Gap between Cloud Expectations & Reality

Rapid innovation. Seamless performance. Organizational harmony. The cloud comes loaded with lofty expectations. And while many are based in fact, the truth is, the right cloud for you might not make it rain ROI right away.

eBook | Presented by Red Hat and Intel

The Ultimate Guide for Successful Cloud Deployment

Learn how to overcome the complexities of building and implementing a cloud solution for your business. From terminology to assembly and achieving business goals, this guide has got you covered.

eBook | Presented by Basis Technologies

How to Get Started with DevOps for SAP

Research shows that organizations with a mature DevOps and CI/CD approach benefit from up to 208x more frequent code deployments and a change failure rate that’s seven times lower than with conventional approaches. What’s not as widely known is that a DevOps approach can also help companies deploy SAP innovation more quickly and with lower risk. Find out how to get started with DevOps for SAP today.

eBook | Presented by Basis Technologies

A Practical Guide to DevOps for SAP

In today’s digital economy, enterprise applications – including SAP – must have the agility to adapt and keep pace with the needs of the business. Find out how adopting DevOps for SAP can help your organization deliver fast, frequent SAP change and how automation can get you there with high confidence and low risk.

eBook | Presented by Sophos

MTR Casebook: The Ransomware Hunt that Unearthed a Historic Banking Trojan

This article discusses a case that started with an email from a brand-new MTR customer.

eBook | Presented by inContact, Inc.

How to Use the Power of Emotion to Create Superior Customer Experience

Great customer service and customer experience go hand in hand.

eBook | Presented by inContact, Inc.

Build Your Case for a Proactive Contact Center

No other technology improves KPIs quite like analytics. Learn why in our new eBook.

eBook | Presented by JAMF Software

Address Remote Learning Needs Today and Care for Tomorrow

At an individual, school, district, state and global level, how education is taught and consumed is changing.

eBook | Presented by JAMF Software

Flattening the Distance Learning Curve with a 1-to-1 iPad Program

The COVID-19 pandemic brought renewed attention to 1-to-1 mobile device programs as technology-enabled distance learning became the solution to a global education problem.

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