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eBook | Presented by Kaspersky Lab Inc

Ransomware Reboot eBook

Through a set of awareness trainings and gamification, attendees learn the importance of protecting themselves and their organization from the very real menace of cyberthreats.

eBook | Presented by Compucom

Save Money with Flexible Rate Plans Specific to Your Business Needs

The pressure is on for companies to reduce expenses and meet end users’ mobility demands while streamlining device, expense and carrier management. Not only is it challenging to do this while managing the entire device lifecycle, but it’s also extremely expensive. In this e-book, learn how to transform your enterprise mobility strategy to lower costs, increase flexibility and provide 24x7 service and support to your end users.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Executive Profiles in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword or a far‑off prospect—it’s a necessity for any organization seeking ongoing business success. The good news is that executives who embark on a comprehensive digital transformation initiative can expect a remarkable competitive advantage. In short, do it now and do it right, and your organization will reap considerable rewards.

eBook | Presented by Veritas

The Forrester Wave™: Data Resiliency Solutions, Q3 2017

Vendors Have Immense Technology Innovation Potential To Help Optimize Operations For Enterprise Clients This report shows how each provider measures up and helps infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals make the right choice.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

See how cloud capture brings business into the digital age

These days, everyone's talking about digital transformation. But exactly how does your company get there?

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

5 Considerations for Transforming ECM with Cloud Content Management

Check out our ebook, 5 Considerations For Transforming Your ECM Strategy With Cloud Content Management, and learn how to bring your people and information together in the cloud.

eBook | Presented by LogicHub

5 Reasons Why Security Orchestration Is Not Enough

SMBs and enterprises today face daunting security threats. Attacks are more numerous, more subtle, and more dangerous, capable of stealing, encrypting, or deleting large volumes of data. The cost of a single data breach can reach millions of dollars, even excluding regulatory penalties and loss of reputation. Over the years, many security teams have invested in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, which aggregate and monitor logs for indications of compromise. SIEMs remain an important security tool, but they are no longer sufficient sources of threat intelligence. Here are 5 reasons why, given the proliferation of sophisticated security threats and volume of data to process, security orchestration isn't enough.

eBook | Presented by Microsoft

Amplify Your Sales Team’s Productivity with Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Building relationships is essential in today’s sales environment. But sellers fall short when tasked with maintaining so many complex interactions at the same time.

eBook | Presented by LogicHub

Buyers Guide Intelligent Security Automation

This guide is intended to help IT and security buyers evaluate security automation products. It begins with an overview of uses and benefits of intelligent security automation for enterprise Security Operations Centers (SOC). Then it explores the individual capabilities that make up security automation—both generally and for the LogicHub Intelligent Security Automation platform specifically. Following an in-depth discussion of these capabilities and their applications for threat detection and threat hunting, the guide concludes with a checklist of intelligent security automation features and capabilities.

eBook | Presented by Microsoft

Digital transformation and compliance: what leaders need to know

As the regulatory world evolves, it's time to demand more from your technology. Stay on top of security and compliance issues with Microsoft 365. Explore how Microsoft 365 makes it easier to identify and categorize data, maintain compliance with important regulations such as GDPR, and respond effectively to data breach incidents.

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