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Case Study | Presented by Salt Stack

IBM Cloud Customer Spotlight

IBM uses SaltStack as a global command and control layer that provides comprehensive audit, remote execution, automation, patch, and security detection and remediation for the IBM Cloud network.

Case Study | Presented by Insight

Card Assets Drives Transformation with Managed Azure Consumption Model

Learn how Card Assets was able to move from IaaS to PaaS with full compliance and zero downtime.

Case Study | Presented by Etleap

AXS ETL Case Study

AXS knocks it out of the park with modernized data analytics. Learn how Etleap and Looker helped AXS reduce manual ETL work and reporting, allowing them to focus on growth for themselves and their clients.

Case Study | Presented by Etleap

Etleap Data Governance Case Study

Leading security firm reduces risk and unifies data for analysis while meeting GDPR requirements. Etleap and AWS help Okta source data with an analyst-friendly, governed ETL solution.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Neoscape Customer Story

Neoscape is one of the world’s leading architectural visualization agencies; specializing in visual storytelling. Their bold and innovative approach influenced by film and post production, allows them to create cinematic-quality experiences to help their clients cut through the noise. Their mandate is to explore new technology and create workflow efficiencies. Utilizing Lenovo’s desktop and mobile workstations, powered with NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ graphics, allow Neoscape to fulfill their mission.

Case Study | Presented by GitHub

Spotify Customer Story

You might remember when listening to your favorite music on the go meant tuning a radio, syncing an MP3 player, or adjusting a skipping portable CD player. Now music, podcasts, and more can be streamed across every platform and across the globe. As one of the largest music streaming services, Spotify’s software has to work seamlessly—and so do all employees working in offices around the world.

Case Study | Presented by Mobius Partners

Möbius Partners and Texas Christian University: Standing Up Active-Active Data Centers with Zero Downtime

Texas Christian University (TCU) has long been an HP-based organization with significant investment made in its equipment. As the university grew, so did its imperative to provide uncompromising data support.

Case Study | Presented by IBM

The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Multivendor Services (2019)

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Multivendor Support Services (MVS).

Case Study | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Now on Now: how we use finance close automation at ServiceNow

This case study talks about the challenges that ServiceNow's accounting team experienced each month during the close process that led to the development of the Finance Close Automation app. Now, the team closes faster, has reduced risk, and increased team satisfaction.

Case Study | Presented by Cylance

Phoenix Children’s Hospital: A BlackBerry Cylance Case Study

Learn how CylancePROTECT® stopped a ransomware attack on Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) and how BlackBerry Cylance Red Teams helped PCH close gaps in its security architecture through annual penetration testing engagements. Read the case study for the full story.

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