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DeepCode brings AI-powered code review to C and C++

DeepCode uses machine learning to find flaws in Java, javaScript, Python, and now C and C++ code

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JavaFX 14 enhances API, mobile support

New version of the Java-based rich client application platform puts mobile APIs on a par with the desktop

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Kaggle calls data scientists to action on COVID-19

In newest challenge, Kaggle asks AI researchers to apply machine learning tools and techniques to answering questions about COVID-19

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JDK 14: The new features in Java 14

Highlights of the latest GA release of standard Java include flight recorder event streaming, switch expressions, NVM support, and records

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GitHub to acquire NPM JavaScript package registry

GitHub plans to move NPM private registries to GitHub Packages while leaving the public NPM registry in place

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Oracle extends Extended support for Java 8

Still the most widely used version Java, Java 8 will be eligible for Oracle’s fee-based support through 2030

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Istio 1.5 taps WebAssembly to power extensions

The Kubernetes service mesh project now uses the new web-native binary system to expand its capabilities

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Next.js upgrade emphasizes static site generation

Latest Next.js release introduces new data fetching methods for specifying static generation or server-side rendering

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OpenSilver resurrects Silverlight with WebAssembly

Open source OpenSilver project revives Microsoft’s rich Internet technology using Mono for WebAssembly and Blazor

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Kotlin upgrade brings experimental features

Kotlin 1.3.70 release offers no major new features, but adds a number of experimental new functions to the standard library

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PowerShell 7.0 arrives with pipeline parallelization

Major PowerShell update supports parallel execution, adds new operators, and enhances module import and error capabilities

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Apache Brooklyn 1.0 arrives for autonomic cloud computing

Open source toolkit blueprints on-prem or cloud apps and reacts to health metrics to repair or scale them

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Say goodbye to .NET Core 3.0

Microsoft has declared the end of support for .NET Core 3.0 and advised users to move to .NET Core 3.1

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Kubeflow 1.0 solves machine learning workflows with Kubernetes

Google's machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes helps data scientists manage machine learning workflows and deploy and scale models in production

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Microsoft updates Visual Studio roadmap

Planned improvements include better integration with Git and online environments, enhancements to C++, .NET, Blazor, XAML, and Xamarin

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Neutralino takes aim at Electron and NW.js

Experimental framework for building cross-platform apps with JavaScript promises a lightweight footprint and freedom from Node.js

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Scala.js 1.0.0 improves JavaScript interoperability

Version of the Scala programming language that compiles to JavaScript has reached GA status

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Mozilla taps WebAssembly for browser security

Firefox will soon begin running some third-party libraries and browser components in an isolated Wasm sandbox

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GraalVM upgrade improves Windows builds

Oracle’s open source, polyglot virtual machine also brings JavaScript, Java, Python, and Ruby enhancements

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CouchDB 3.0 puts safety first

The latest edition of the popular NoSQL database installs locked down by default, and offers partitioning, search, and performance improvements

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