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Dart 2.10 unifies command-line tooling

The dart tool replaces multiple smaller tools for analyzing and formatting code, running tests, and compiling apps, with more duties on the way

Digital bugs amid binary code. [security threats / malware / breach / hack / attack]

GitHub adds code scanning for security bugs

GitHub users can draw on ready-made and custom queries to discover security vulnerabilities in their codebases.

straight vs. tangled path

Microsoft’s Playwright simplifies tests for Python web apps

Front-end tests for web apps have traditionally been a chore. Playwright offers an easier way to integrate those tests for Python.

Quantum computing  >  A quantum processor radiates power.

Microsoft taps LLVM for quantum computing

Using LLVM, Microsoft has created a common interface between programming languages and target quantum computers

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Ruby 3 previews parallel execution

Major Ruby update introduces an experimental feature called Ractor that promises thread-safe parallel execution

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Azure Databricks previews parallelized Photon query engine

Microsoft and Databricks say the vectorized query engine written in C++ accelerates Apache Spark workloads by up to 20x

windows reveal

Apple’s Swift language comes to Windows

More work remains to be done in the porting effort, but Windows support is now good enough for early adopters to get started

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Report: Developers have been more productive during Covid-19

A survey of hundreds of developers across 26 countries suggests that software developers are more productive working remotely

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TypeScript 4.1 beta brings template literal types

The template literal type has the same syntax as template literal strings in JavaScript except it is used in type positions

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Vue 3.0 arrives, now in TypeScript

Major upgrade brings improvements in initial render speed, update speed, memory usage, and bundle size

command line

GitHub CLI reaches 1.0 status

Command line tool allows users to run their GitHub workflow from the terminal in Windows, Linux, or macOS

CSO  >  An exclamation-mark alert in a field of abstract technology.

Microsoft open-sources fuzzing test framework

OneFuzz enables continuous developer-driven fuzz testing to identify weaknesses in software prior to release

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Microsoft Visual Studio beefs up support for C language

C11 and C17 become supported C language versions starting with Visual Studio 2019 16.8 Preview 3

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Deno upgrade adds WebSocket API

Deno 1.4 also brings stricter type checks, integrated test coverage, and automatic restarts

Abstract Java code

JDK 15: The new features in Java 15

Just-arrived update to standard Java features text blocks, hidden classes, the Z Garbage Collector, and previews of pattern matching and records

machine learning and mlops hpe ezmeral softwaretg

Oracle open-sources Java machine learning library

Tribuo offers tools for building and deploying classification, clustering, and regression models in Java, along with interfaces to TensorFlow, XGBoost, and ONNX

An empty office has been cleared out with only a moving box remaining.

Visual Studio Codespaces is moving to GitHub

Microsoft is moving Visual Studio Codespaces into GitHub Codespaces to simplify the developer experience

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C++ 20 receives final technical approval

C++ language upgrade featuring modules and coroutines is set to be released before the end of the year

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Angular roadmap embraces security, simplicity

Upgrade plan for the popular framework features trusted native types, stricter typing for reactive forms, debugging and performance profiling tools, and more

Angular 2 primary

What’s new in Angular 10.1

First point release of Angular 10 offers fixes and enhancements to address performance regressions, core and router bugs, and more

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