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PHP 8.3 brings typing of class constants

Major update to PHP adds support for declaring class, interface, trait, and enum constant types. Readonly properties and randomness also get attention.

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Generative AI adoption speed unprecedented, O’Reilly survey says

Survey of enterprise users of generative AI finds rapid adoption but also hurdles, with difficulty finding business use cases, legal uncertainties, and high infrastructure costs top concerns.

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TypeScript 5.3 arrives with support for import attributes

ECMAScript import attributes will support additional types of modules in a common way across JavaScript environments, starting with JSON modules.

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Anthropic's Claude 2.1 LLM turbocharges performance, offers beta tool use

Anthropic's Claude 2.1 large language model, which powers its Claude generative AI chatbot, raises the bar on how much information an LLM can ingest at once.

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What’s new in Rust 1.74

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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Microsoft unveils Microsoft Copilot Studio

SaaS-based low-code tool allows users to customize Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 and build standalone AI assistants that connect to other business data.

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Google Cloud certifications nab highest-paying IT jobs

Skillsoft survey finds four Google Cloud certifications among the top 10 highest-paying, with cloud computing and cybersecurity certifications generally drawing higher salaries.

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Microsoft’s F# 8 stresses simplicity, performance

Major upgrade of functional-first programming language brings lambda shorthands, faster compilation, new diagnostics, and ‘quality of life’ improvements.

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C# 12 brings simpler syntax

C# 12 simplifies code with collection expressions, primary constructors for all classes and structs, syntax to alias any type, and default parameters for lambda expressions.

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Microsoft .NET 8 arrives with cloud-native stack preview

Performance, cloud-native development, and generative AI get special attention in the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s application development platform.

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Rust compiler front end gains parallel execution

The Rust compiler front end can now use fine-grained parallelism to significantly reduce compile times. Currently experimental, the parallel front end is due in a stable compiler in 2024.

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Kotlin keeps climbing the Tiobe popularity index

JetBrains’ Java rival and the leading language for Android development moves up to 15th place in Tiobe’s index of programming language popularity.

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Spin 2.0 shines on Wasm component composition, portability

Framework for building and running server-side WebAssembly applications allows you to compose apps from Wasm components written in different programming languages.

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Red Hat Linux revs streamline container management

Expanded Podman capabilities in RHEL 9.3 and forthcoming RHEL 8.9 allow users to automate the configuration of container networks, health checks, and secrets and use Quadlet container definitions.


OpenAI’s gen AI updates threaten the survival of many open source firms

OpenAI is trying to position itself as a viable alternative to build-it-yourself, open source development efforts with cheaper products and advanced capabilities.


Angular 17 previews control flow, better type checking

Update to the TypeScript-based web application framework also brings hydration and signal-based reactivity out of developer preview.

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Oracle open-sources Jipher for FIPS-compliant SSL

Oracle also plans to release the Oracle Zero Trust Packet Routing Platform, which is based on an initiative to develop a new open standard for data and network security.

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GitHub Copilot Chat is coming to GitHub

GitHub Copilot Chat will be generally available in December. And GitHub will be integrating the AI assistant directly into the GitHub platform.

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Microsoft .NET 8 enhances ID management

.NET 8 aims to simplify identity management and login for single-page applications and Blazor web apps.

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OpenAI DevDay: 3 new tools to build LLM-powered apps

Among the news from OpenAI's first developer conference, here are three products or platforms that might pique your interest for a generative AI project — plus one new open-source alternative in response.

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