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Azul Systems boosts Java startups with CRaC

The OpenJDK Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint project allows a running application to pause, snapshot its state, and then restart later, even on a different machine.

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Ruby previews pure Ruby JIT compiler

Ruby 3.3.0 brings significant performance improvements to YJIT and previews RJIT, an experimental just-in-time compiler that doesn’t require a C compiler at runtime.

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GitHub owns up to service issues, multiple outages

Over the past four months, GitHub has experienced 16 disruptions in its services, blog posts from the company showed.

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Biggest Golang challenges are error handling and learning, Go developers say

Go Developer Survey finds that error handling and learning best practices are the biggest challenges to using Go, now that generics has been added to the language.

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CockroachDB now supports Microsoft Azure, multiregion deployments

With the addition of support for Microsoft Azure, CockroachDB will now support all three major public cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, the company said.

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Google’s Dart 3 and Flutter 3.10 bring big changes

Dart 3 introduces sound null safety, major new language features, and a Wasm preview, while Flutter 3.10 fleshes out the Material 3 widget toolkit and support for macOS and iOS targets.

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Figma wants to make digital whiteboards fun with new FigJam updates

The digital whiteboarding tool launched by collaborative interface design company Figma three years ago will offer users new ways for users to customize their workspace and make ideation a more playful experience.

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Developer-focused portal Stack Overflow lays off 10% of staff

The job cuts are a result of the company’s renewed focus on profitability due to macroeconomic concerns, according to CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar.


How is Creatio integrating ChatGPT into its Atlas low-code platform?

The integration of the ChatGPT connector into Creatio’s offerings will allow developers to build applications faster and help in customer-centric use cases such as providing assistance in writing emails and supporting customer support...

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Google unveils PaLM 2 AI language model

The next-generation large language model boasts advanced multilingual, code generation, and reasoning capabilities, and is already being used in Bard and other Google AI tools.


Google’s Duet AI to take on Amazon CodeWhisperer, GitHub Copilot

The new generative AI engine aims to help developers code, and offers assistance to administrators, cloud operators, data engineers, and security professionals for daily tasks.


Google’s Vertex AI machine learning platform gets generative AI tools

The new updates to Google Cloud’s machine learning service will help the company square up against rivals such as Microsoft, AWS and IBM.

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AI startup Anthropic unveils moral principles behind chatbot Claude

Amid controversy about generative AI programs giving wrong, biased, or potentially dangerous responses to queries, Anthropic reveals how it is training ChatGPT rival Claude to give safe, helpful information.

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IBM takes on AWS, Google, and Microsoft with Watsonx

The generative AI platform comes with a suite of tools for tuning large language models, a data store built on lakehouse architecture, and an AI governance toolkit.

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Informatica integrates ClaireGPT, AI copilot to augment its IDMC offering

IDMC is a suite that sits on top of enterprise databases and manages data from various data sources by ingesting, cataloging, and applying data governance rules.

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Next.js rearchitects router for smoother server-side rendering

Now stable in Next.js 13.4, the new App Router builds on React Server Components and React Suspense to improve data fetching, page loading, and the developer experience.

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Visual Studio Code 1.78 debuts profile templates for Python, Java, Angular

The April 2023 release of Microsoft’s programming editor also features new default color themes.

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Databricks doubles down in India with staff hires, new R&D hub

The company, which has a global workforce of 5,000 people, will increase its staff count in India by 50%, a top executive said.

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DataStax’s new LunaML to support Kaskada deployment

Kaskada, acquired by DataStax in January, offers an open-source based unified events processing engine aimed at helping enterprises build real-time machine learning applications.


ServiceNow, Hugging Face's free StarCoder LLM takes on Copilot, CodeWhisperer

The free large language model, which was jointly developed by the two companies under the BigCode Project, was trained on licensed source code covering over 80 programming languages.

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