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Microsoft Dev Box due this summer

Azure-hosted service allows developers to spin up project-specific Windows-based workstations on demand, with support for custom images and configuration-as-code capabilities.


Angular users want better server-side rendering

Angular Developer Survey 2022 marks server-side rendering, testing, debugging and profiling, component authoring format, and initial load performance as key areas for improvement.

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Microsoft .NET 8 boosts Blazor, WebAssembly

Microsoft works to improve web app performance with Blazor server-side rendering and streaming rendering, Blazor WebAssembly runtime improvements.

Snowflake acquires Neeva to add generative AI-based search to Data Cloud

Neeva, which uses large language models to offer an AI-based search experience, is latest company to be picked up in Snowflake's acquisition spree.

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DataStax taps ThirdAI to bring generative AI to its database offerings

The partnership will see the Apache Cassandra-based database take advantage of ThirdAI’s Bolt technology to achieve better AI training performance on CPUs.

Work queues in Power Automate

Microsoft updates Power Automate’s Cloud Flows with Copilot

Other updates include Action SDKs for Desktop Flows and Work Queues for managing bots.

Yugabyte adds multiregion Kubernetes support to YugabyteDB 2.18

The new updates include a new intelligent performance advisor that optimizes indexes, queries, and schema for the self-managed, database-as-a-service Yugabyte Anywhere.

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Microsoft integrates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise Suite with Azure Machine Learning

The integration of Nvidia’s software suite will further help enterprises build, deploy, and manage applications based on large language models.

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Why Microsoft is combining all its data analytics products into Fabric

The integration of its existing products such as Synapse and Power BI will help enterprises combine workloads while reducing IT integration overhead, complexity and costs.

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Red Hat puts Podman container management on the desktop

Open-source GUI tool allows developers to create, deploy, and manage containers running locally or in remote Kubernetes clusters.

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JDK 21: The new features in Java 21

Plans for Java 21, due in September, now include a key encapsulation mechanism API and deprecation of the 32-bit Windows port.

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JetBrains adds iOS support to cross-platform UI framework

JetBrains’ Compose Multiplatform allows developers to build cross-platform user interfaces in Kotlin, and share them across Android and iOS or Windows and macOS.

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TypeScript 5.1 release candidate arrives

TypeScript upgrade soothes pain points with easier implicit returns for undefined-returning functions and greater type flexibility for getters and setters.

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Visual Studio updates shine on C++, Git, Wasm, and DX

Visual Studio 2022 17.6 brings significant performance, editor, and C++ enhancements, while a version 17.7 preview adds more productivity improvements.

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Azul Systems boosts Java startups with CRaC

The OpenJDK Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint project allows a running application to pause, snapshot its state, and then restart later, even on a different machine.

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Ruby previews pure Ruby JIT compiler

Ruby 3.3.0 brings significant performance improvements to YJIT and previews RJIT, an experimental just-in-time compiler that doesn’t require a C compiler at runtime.

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GitHub owns up to service issues, multiple outages

Over the past four months, GitHub has experienced 16 disruptions in its services, blog posts from the company showed.

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Biggest Golang challenges are error handling and learning, Go developers say

Go Developer Survey finds that error handling and learning best practices are the biggest challenges to using Go, now that generics has been added to the language.

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