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GraalVM boosts Java performance with Truffle framework

Java on Truffle in GraalVM 21 brings Java up to snuff with Python, Ruby, and JavaScript on the multi-language virtual machine.

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Entity Framework Core 6 plans take shape

Developers of Microsoft’s open source data access framework eye performance boost, SQL Server temporal table support, JSON columns for late 2021 release.

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.NET nanoFramework taps C# for embedded systems

Follow-up to .NET Micro Framework brings IoT, wearables, and robotics development to .NET developers and Visual Studio.

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JDK 16: The new features in Java 16

Due in March, the next Java upgrade targets primitive classes, sealed classes, records classes, a vector API, and ports for Windows on ARM64 and Alpine Linux.

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Google Cloud named best performing cloud for 2021

Google Cloud edged AWS and Azure in Cockroach Labs’ 2021 report, which compares the big three cloud providers on performance and cost using online transaction processing benchmarks.

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TypeScript 4.2 tunes tuple types

Now available in a beta release, TypeScript upgrade loosens restrictions on rest elements in tuple types and improves type alias preservation.

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Google’s Go language could add generics later this year

A proposal to add generic programming to Go using type parameters is the latest attempt to add a long-sought capability that would make the language easier to use.

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Angular 12 looks to improve deployment integrations

Better error messages, distribution of Ivy libraries to NPM also on the drawing board for the web development framework.

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Vno brings Vue to Deno

Third-party Deno module compiles and bundles Vue components in a Deno runtime, overcoming issues of unfamiliarity and incompatibiity.

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Tokio Rust runtime reaches 1.0 status

Asynchronous runtime for Rust programming language provides building blocks for developing fast and reliable networking applications.

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Microsoft .NET JSON serializer could get faster startup

Improved throughput and reduced application size are also on the drawing board for the System.Text.Json serializer.

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Server-side WebAssembly runtime reaches GA status

Promising faster compilation and production-ready performance, Wasmer 1.0 allows universal binaries compiled from native code to run in lightweight containers on multiple host platforms.

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What’s new in Rust 1.49

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software. Here’s what’s new.

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PyCharm Python IDE backs Apple Silicon

Latest upgrade to the JetBrains IDE for Python development brings support for new Mac hardware and fixes multiple bugs.

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Python edges C++ for Tiobe’s programming language of the year

Tiobe index of programming language popularity identified Python and C++ as the languages with the greatest increases in popularity in 2020.

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Ruby 3 brings parallel execution

Major Ruby update introduces an experimental feature called Ractor that promises thread-safe parallel execution

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Bash 5.1 brings back older behavior

Major update to the Unix and Linux shell returns to Bash 4.4 pathname expansion and fixes a number of crashing bugs.

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Go 1.16 moves to beta with library, runtime enhancements

Forthcoming update to the Google-created open source programming language also introduces support for Apple Silicon.

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