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How to implement global exception handling in ASP.Net Core Web API

Take advantage of the UseExceptionHandler middleware in ASP.Net Core to ensure that every error in your Web API application is caught

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JDK 12 beta: The new features coming to Java 12

The first beta builds are available, with switch expressions to improve coding and allow pattern matching, and raw string literals to simplify multiline expressions

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What’s new in TypeScript 3.2

TypeScript 3.2 introduces stricter checking on the apply, bind, and call methods

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What’s new in AWS Lambda

Lambda Layers provides code management and Lambda Runtime API provides custom runtime selection

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State of JavaScript: ECMAScript 6 rules

Developers are happy with JavaScript, have mixed feelings about Angular, and are very interested in GraphQL

React - an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces

What’s new for 2019 in the React JavaScript UI library

The Version 16.7 alpha release of Facebook’s React JavaScript UI library brings the notion of hooks

command line

Asynchronous JavaScript: Callbacks and promises explained

While callbacks work fine for handling asynchronous code, promises are cleaner and more flexible

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Why developers shouldn’t just dismiss low-code platforms

Low-code, no-code, and citizen-development platforms have a place—but they need the guidance and oversight of professional IT developers to really deliver

ai artificial intelligence circuit board circuitry mother board nodes computer chips

Reinforcement learning comes into AI’s mainstream

Developers now have the tools to get started with this revolutionary technology that is poised to become mainstream

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How to build a Redis Streams application

Get started with Redis Streams by creating an end-to-end solution for analyzing Twitter data

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Rust tutorial: Get started with the Rust language

How to get your feet wet using Rust’s tool chain, creating projects, working with third-party code, and managing libraries

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Why Google Cloud’s new boss will fail like the old boss

The Google culture doesn’t care about enterprise, and replacing one seasoned enterprise exec with another won’t change that fact

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How to build blockchains on Azure

Develop trusted business applications with Microsoft’s Azure blockchain tools

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What’s new in Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017

Highlights in Visual Studio 15.9 include improvements for Universal Windows Platform development and C++ debugging

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What’s new in Google’s Dart 2.1 language

Dart 2.1 arrives with faster type checks, clearer type errors, and smaller code sizes for compiled output

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How to use Scrutor in ASP.Net Core

Take advantage of Scrutor to eliminate the need for tediousl boilerplate configuration to register services in ASP.Net Core

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11 ways AWS beats Azure and Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have their advantages, but they don’t match the breadth and depth of the Amazon cloud

Java vs. Go

3 tips for negotiating with your public cloud providers

It’s the end of the year and time to renew public cloud contracts. Here’s how to get the biggest discount from your public cloud provider

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How to use consumer groups in Redis Streams

Take advantage of consumer groups in Redis Streams to distribute the processing of a data stream among multiple consumers

shipping containers

7 container security tools to lock down Docker and Kubernetes

These extra-strength tools bring monitoring, auditing, runtime defenses, and policy-based controls to containers in development and production

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