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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.43

Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code monthly. Keep track of the latest new features and improvements in this changelog

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Review: Nvidia’s Rapids brings Python analytics to the GPU

An end-to-end data science ecosystem, open source Rapids gives you Python dataframes, graphs, and machine learning on Nvidia GPU hardware

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How to make the most of Azure Cosmos DB’s free tier

Microsoft has added a free option to Azure’s distributed database. Let’s jump in

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How to use asynchronous streams in C# 8.0

Take advantage of the ability to create and consume data streams asynchronously in C# 8.0 to improve the performance of your applications

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Containers + Virtualization [ Overview / March 2020 ]

PaaS, CaaS, or FaaS? How to choose

Key questions and considerations when choosing a cloud architecture for container-based applications

grave angel stock

Should open source be ethical?

At present, software licenses that prohibit socially harmful or unethical uses cannot be considered open source. Should we change that?

3 small business security

What is Azure confidential computing?

Microsoft and Intel are working on protecting your data while it’s being used in the cloud

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How to schedule jobs using Quartz.NET in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of a Quartz.NET hosted service to schedule background jobs in your ASP.NET Core application

failure leads to innovation

Cloud outages show multicloud is essential

Outages are inevitable and vendors are unreliable. You can’t move fast enough unless you already have your service running on two or more clouds

artificial intelligence / machine learning / network

Boosting AI’s smarts in the absence of training data

Zero-shot learning repurposes knowledge through statistical or semantic approaches without needing huge amounts of fresh training data

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Better Python project management with Poetry

With Poetry, Python finally has a graceful way to manage virtual environments and dependencies for development projects. Here’s how to get started

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Use Azure Cognitive Services to automate forms processing

Form Recognizer brings unsupervised machine learning to paper document processing, and it’s a snap to build into your applications

Hopscotch numbers

How to use ValueTuples in C#

Take advantage of ValueTuples to return multiple values from a method with better performance than Tuples

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5 ways agile teams meet sprint commitments

Spikes, swarming, splits, and keeping some requests in the shallows can help agile teams stay on track

real time os nautilus clock against the clock future by raspirator getty

How to use asyncio in Python

Take advantage of the high-level async functions in Python’s asyncio library to write more efficient Python applications

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TypeScript vs. JavaScript: Understand the differences

TypeScript transpiles to JavaScript and enables the development of large-scale applications

Microsoft Surface Neo tablet  >  Windows devices

Developing for Windows 10X and the Surface Neo

The wraps are slowly coming off a new generation of Windows

1 weakest link broken rusted chain security breach hacked

How to use inversion of control in C#

Take advantage of the inversion of control pattern to loosely couple the components of your application and make them easier to test and maintain

Abstract businessman connected to wired spheres.

A brief history of artificial intelligence

Despite huge advances in machine learning models, AI challenges remain much the same today as 60 years ago

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Modern recipes for more resilient applications

New approaches and innovations at the edge keep applications alive when networks or services die

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