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8 great Python libraries for natural language processing

With so many NLP resources in Python, how to choose? Discover the best Python libraries for analyzing text and how to use them

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Developer tools in the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s new browser delivers improved tools for web application development

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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.42

Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code monthly. Keep track of the latest new features and improvements in this changelog

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JDK 14: The new features in Java 14

Flight recorder event streaming, switch expressions, NVM support, and records are slated for the next version of standard Java

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How to return data from ASP.NET Core Web API

Learn the three ways you can return data from your ASP.NET Core Web API action methods

IDG Tech Spotlight  >  Security  >  DevSecOps: Bringing security into agile development and CI/CD

How to bring security into agile development and CI/CD

Align to DevSecOps and shift-left security to improve coding practices, eliminate vulnerabilities in development, and deliver highly secure apps to production

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What’s new in Angular: Angular 9 arrives, Angular 10 due in May

Angular 9’s Ivy compiler and runtime promises greater speed, smaller bundle sizes, faster testing, and better debugging

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How to query and extract data from SaaS applications

Almost every department can derive value from SaaS data. Here are 3 ways to integrate it more effectively

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Getting started with GitHub’s desktop and mobile tools

Social coding is powerful, but to get the most out of it you need the right tools

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How to use pattern matching in C# 8.0

Take advantage of pattern matching improvements in C# 8.0 to write code that is more readable, maintainable, and efficient

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What’s new in Rust 1.41

Rust was designed to make it easy to develop fast and safe system-level software; here’s what’s new

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Keeping your enterprise AI expertise up to speed

AI is such a significant force, you can’t afford not to stay on top of the ever-changing developments

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How to create your own Visual Studio Code extension

With the VS Code extension generator and JavaScript, it’s easy to roll your own extension. Here’s how to get started

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Working with Microsoft’s Surface Duo developer tools

New Surface hardware won’t be here until late 2020, but you can start building code now

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7 top-notch tools for React developers

Facebook’s JavaScript UI library has sparked an ecosystem of companion tools and frameworks

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How to use lambda expressions in C#

Take advantage of lambda expressions in C# to add flexibility and power to the anonymous methods in your application

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

Do More With R bonus download: Interactive Shiny app to search Twitter

Download the code and step-by-step instructions for creating an interactive Shiny app to search tweets with the rtweet package and create a browser-based app with the results

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How to improve CI/CD with shift-left testing

Automated testing earlier in the development cycle can improve QA and reduce delays

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