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Review: Amazon SageMaker plays catch-up

With Studio, Autopilot, and other additions, Amazon SageMaker is now competitive with the machine learning environments available in other clouds

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Building PWAs in the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is making it easier to discover progressive Web applications in Edge

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How to send emails in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the open source MailKit library to send emails in ASP.NET Core easily

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What’s new in Angular 9.1

Angular 9.1 brings performance improvements to the ngcc compatibility compiler and the Ivy compiler and runtime

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Track and analyze the COVID-19 pandemic with KNIME

Download our guided analytics dashboard to visualize the latest COVID-19 data, or try the entire KNIME Analytics Platform workflow

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TensorFlow deepens its advantages in the AI modeling wars

Despite complaints about its complexity, TensorFlow supports every AI development, training, and deployment scenario you can imagine

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InnerSource: A better way to work together on code

How using open source methods to develop proprietary software increases project efficiency, code quality, and developer happiness

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Remote coding with Visual Studio Live Share and GitHub

Using Microsoft’s development tools for remote working and social coding

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How to use indices and ranges in C# 8.0

Take advantage of indices and ranges in C# 8.0 to access elements or slices of a collection with simplicity and ease

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3 steps to applying agile methodologies in IT operations

Almost any team can benefit from agile techniques, but IT operations needs a few adjustments for best results

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Explaining machine learning models to the business

How to create summaries of machine learning system decisions that business decision makers can understand

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A hands-on look at quantum computing

While we wait for the quantum cloud services, let’s explore the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and IBM Q and Qiskit SDKs

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How to use timeit to profile Python code

With Python’s built-in timeit module, you can measure the performance of your functions or lines of code in one easy step

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JDK 14: The new features in Java 14

Highlights of the latest GA release of standard Java include flight recorder event streaming, switch expressions, NVM support, and records

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How to use the Kubernetes C# client library

Take advantage of the official .NET Kubernetes client and .NET or .NET Core to build your own Kubernetes tools


How to log data to SQL Server in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the open source library Serilog to log your ASP.NET Core application’s data to SQL Server or another database target

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AI companies plant the seeds for quantum machine learning

Quantum computing promises to accelerate analytics faster than the speed of light, but it still feels slightly unreal, in spite of the first signs of broad commercialization

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10 questions about deep learning

Learn why neural networks are so powerful, how and where they’re used, and how to get started — no programming necessary

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