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AWS updates Bedrock, SageMaker to boost generative AI offerings

The updates include the addition of new foundation models along with vector capabilities for several databases.

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Keras 3.0 deep learning API backs TensorFlow, PyTorch, Jax

Full rewrite of the deep neural network API supports Keras workflows on top of the three leading machine learning frameworks.

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Microsoft ML.NET 3.0 expands deep learning capabilities

Update to the machine learning framework for .NET developers brings new capabilities in object detection, named entity recognition, and question answering.


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Get started with Java's new structured concurrency model

Java has a powerful new concurrency model, and it works with both traditional and virtual threads. Here's a first look at structured concurrency.

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How to use Pandas for data analysis in Python

Pandas makes it easy to quickly load, manipulate, align, merge, and even visualize data tables directly in Python.

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What’s the Go language really good for?

Famous for easy concurrency, Go has become the language of countless cloud-native projects. Here’s everything you should know about Google’s hit programming language.

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AWS adds more zero-ETL integrations to Amazon RedShift

The new integrations include updates to relational and non-relational databases, such as Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RDS for MySQL.

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Amazon Q: AWS' answer to Microsoft’s GPT-driven Copilot

Amazon Q can do all the tasks that Copilot can and is expected to appeal to IT managers who want to limit the number of generative AI assistants in use at their enterprises.

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JDK 22: The new features in Java 22

The number of proposed features for the next version of standard Java now totals 10, with the addition of a second preview of structured concurrency and an enhancement to the Java application launcher.

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AWS adds new enterprise pricing tier for Amazon CodeCatalyst

The new pricing tier includes a custom blueprint feature that allows enterprises to encapsulate best practices for application code, workflows, and infrastructure.


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Amazon Braket Direct program to help reserve quantum computers

The new program allows researchers to cut through waiting queues or wait times while providing the option to connect with experts to seek guidance on quantum workloads.

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Are we too focused on vendors?

The mega cloud conferences hosted by cloud providers never fail to mesmerize us with shiny new technology. We should focus on our business needs instead.

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How SMBs can take advantage of the cloud—and avoid common mistakes

Cloud computing can help small and mid-size businesses unlock future growth opportunities, innovate faster, enhance customer experiences, and generate new revenue streams. These are the mistakes to avoid.

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How to implement JWT authentication in ASP.NET Core

It’s easy to secure minimal API endpoints in ASP.NET Core using JSON Web Tokens for authentication and authorization. Just follow these steps.

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New Amazon Lex AI features aim to let developers quickly build, enhance bots

Amazon has added generative AI capabilities to Lex, its chatbot development tool.