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Microsoft .NET Community Toolkit backs .NET 6

Preview 1 of .NET Community Toolkit 8.0.0 adds .NET 6 support and brings a number of enhancements to the MVVM toolkit.

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What is neural architecture search? AutoML for deep learning

Neural architecture search promises to speed up the process of finding neural network architectures that will yield good models for a given dataset.

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Enterprise data centers won’t really go away

Recent survey data indicates that cloud will push traditional enterprise data centers into extinction. However, extinction events are rarely that simple.


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GraalVM 22.0 promises a better developer experience

Newly arrived upgrade of the Oracle-developed polyglot runtime features improvements for Ruby, WebAssembly, Java, and Python.

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Hands-on with React Server Components

Unlike server-side rendering, React Server Components aim to fully replace client-side functionality with work done on the server. Let’s see how this works.

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Slashing time to insight with unified data analytics

How Incorta’s unified data analytics platform closes the gap between strategic and operational decision-making.

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Microsoft publishes Java roadmap for Visual Studio Code

Planned Java-related improvements for VS Code range from smarter code completion and better debugging to deeper integration with Kubernetes and cloud services.

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Preparing for the end of Dockershim in AKS

Big changes are coming to the way Kubernetes manages containers. Here’s how to make sure your Azure Kubernetes Service applications are ready.

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4 keys to writing modern Python in 2022

Want to write Python code that takes advantage of all that’s new and powerful in the language? Here are four areas to explore.

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Ruby 3.1 arrives with new JIT compiler

Still-experimental YJIT just-in-time compiler promises faster warmup and performance improvements on most real-world Ruby software.


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Cloud architecture must accommodate rapid change

Yesterday we built architectures around static requirements that changed slowly. Today's cloud-based configurations need to quickly adapt to growth and change.

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5 key observability trends for 2022

In the coming year, organizations will seek to simplify, optimize, and consolidate observability through a mix of new tools and practices.

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TypeScript 4.6 loosens up

Next version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript will will allow code in constructors before super(), improve recursion depth checks, and more.


Git alternative Pijul moves to beta

Open source distributed version control system based on a ‘theory of patches’ promises to be fast, scalable, and easier to learn and use than Git.

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So you want to be a Web3 developer

The latest industry buzzword is creating an opening for ambitious developers to contribute to an exciting emerging ecosystem, underpinned by distributed ledgers and cryptocurrency. But there are plenty of caveats on Web3 to contend...