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How to improve EF Core 7 performance

Take advantage of these five best practices to improve data access performance when working with Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core 7 applications.

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Node.js 19 boosts HTTP throughput

Upgrade to popular JavaScript runtime automatically enables HTTP Keep-Alive for outgoing connections, improving throughput through the reuse of connections.

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Intro to Qwik: A superfast JavaScript framework

Qwik’s innovative approach to code splitting and lazy loading offers a new way forward for front-end JavaScript. Here’s a quick tour.

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Use model validation in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of FluentValidation to validate your model classes when working with minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.

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WebAssembly comes to Apache web server

VMware Labs’ mod_wasm is an extension module for the Apache HTTP Server that serves WebAssembly binaries as endpoints.

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Hands-on with MongoDB queryable encryption and Node.js

MongoDB queryable encryption means never having to decrypt sensitive data inside the data store, all but eliminating the database as a target of attack. Here’s how to get started.

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How to use cancellation tokens in ASP.NET Core 7

Take advantage of cancellation tokens in ASP.NET Core to allow long running operations to be cancelled gracefully and keep applications responsive.

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TypeScript turns 10 years old

Surprise! Despite initial skepticism, Microsoft’s typed JavaScript not only survived but continues to thrive after a decade.

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Bun JavaScript runtime is in the oven

Bun is a JavaScript runtime built on the JavaScriptCore engine with a native bundler, transpiler, task runner, and NPM client built-in.

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Mozilla is looking for a scapegoat

The declining browser’s problem isn’t anti-competitive practices, it’s competition itself.

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Where JavaScript is headed in 2022

Which JavaScript frameworks, features, and tools do developers favor, and which are on the way out? Let’s look at the latest State of JavaScript survey results.

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Microsoft .NET 7 bolsters WebAssembly support

Expanded WebAssembly support in .NET 7 allows developers to reuse .NET libraries from JavaScript or build new .NET-based apps that will run on Wasm.

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The ever-widening world of Wasm

Bringing WebAssembly and OCI containers together could enable us to run the same container image on any hardware or operating system we want—wherever it runs best, fastest, or cheapest.

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How to use route handler filters in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 7

Take advantage of minimal API filters in ASP.NET Core 7 to modify request and response objects or short-circuit the request processing pipeline.

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Brendan Eich: Don’t blame cookies and JavaScript

The JavaScript creator, Mozilla co-founder, and now Brave Software CEO loathes the online advertising ‘surveillance system that loots users’ and he’s doing something about it.

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Microsoft .NET 7 enters release candidate phase

Performance improvements, multi-platform targeting, cloud-native development headline the Microsoft development platform upgrade due in November.

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JavaFX 19 rich client Java platform arrives

Update extends H.265 video support to HTTP Live Streaming, adds CSS focus indicators, and fixes modal behavior and touch-screen bugs.

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How to create a custom configuration provider in ASP.NET Core 6

ASP.NET Core configuration providers read configuration data from common sources such as JSON files and databases. But you can use other sources by creating custom configuration providers.

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What is JSP? Introduction to Jakarta Server Pages

One of the original Java web technologies, JSP is still widely used with servlets and JSTL. Here's how to use Jakarta Server Pages to build dynamic web pages that connect to the Java back end.

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How to use EF Core as an in-memory database in ASP.NET Core 6

Entity Framework Core allows you to store and retrieve data to and from an in-memory database. It’s a quick and easy way to test your ASP.NET Core 6 web applications.

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