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Firefox 96 enhances CSS, Canvas support for developers

Cookies also get attention in the latest Mozilla browser release, with better protection against cross-site request forgery attacks.

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What is Web3? A new decentralized web, or the latest marketing buzzword

Web3 has emerged as an attempt to bring together blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized applications, but its true efficacy is proving difficult to pin down.

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AngularJS reaches end of life

JavaScript framework that ‘revolutionized’ web development will no longer be maintained, but third-party support options are available.

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Demystifying the Program and Startup classes in ASP.NET Core

Program and Startup are the main classes for configuring .NET applications. Learn how to use them in ASP.NET Core 6.

Oracel bets Java EE future on REST

Hands-on with Dropwizard REST APIs

An introduction to the lean REST framework that turns a number of popular Java libraries into a more streamlined alternative to Spring.


Ruby on Rails 7 rejiggers JavaScript support

Now available in a production release, Rails 7 removes the requirements for Node.js and Webpack, while supporting NPM and ES module imports.

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Hands-on with MarkoJS

A simple, flexible, and fast full-stack framework with the most intuitive component system yet devised, Marko deserves a close look.

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How to use the minimal hosting model in ASP.NET Core 6

The minimal hosting model in ASP.NET Core 6 means having to write less boilerplate code to get your application up and running.

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Deno joins JavaScript standards effort

Company behind JavaScript/TypeScript runtime will push for additions to ECMAScript that benefit users of server-side JavaScript.

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Flutter 2.8 boosts mobile performance

Major rev of the cross-platform development framework promises faster startup and lower resource requirements for mobile apps, along with easier ways to connect with back-end services.

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Misko Hevery explains blazing fast Qwik JS

The CTO of Builder.io discusses how Qwik addresses JavaScript reactivity challenges and what the Builder visual site designer has to offer both content creators and developers.


Django 4.0 adds Redis database caching

Customization, password hashing also addressed in latest version of Python-based framework.

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JetBrains launches cross-platform UI framework for Kotlin

Compose Multiplatform 1.0 allows developers to build user interfaces for the desktop, Android, and web from a single codebase.

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Hands-on with SolidJS

Get a first-hand look at the simple and powerful approach to reactive front-end JavaScript that is fast making Solid a favorite.

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PHP 8.1 brings enums, read-only properties

Update to the popular scripting language for web development also offers enhancements for concurrency and performance.

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Kotlin 1.6.0 debuts memory manager

Memory manager for Kotlin/Native lifts restrictions on object sharing between threads and offers leak-free, concurrent programming primitives.

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Deno improves JSX transform, WebAssembly support

JavaScript/TypeScript runtime also brings enhancements related to TLS, Web Streams, test permissions.

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Svelte creator: Web development should be more fun

Svelte creator Rich Harris weighs in on MPAs vs. SPAs, apps vs. docs, the need for a transitional app framework, and the right way to build websites.

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