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The best new CSS features for 2022

From little-known scroll-snap properties to astonishing new color palettes, here are seven Cascading Style Sheets updates you won't want to miss.

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TypeScript 4.8 fixes file watching on Linux, macOS

Update to Microsoft’s typed JavaScript also introduces improvements to how intersection and union types work and how TypeScript narrows types.

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How to implement IP whitelists in ASP.NET Core 6

Take advantage of middleware in ASP.NET Core 6 to check the remote IP address of every request, and allow requests only from known and trusted addresses.

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Internet Explorer reaches the end of the line

Microsoft has ended support for its legacy Internet Explorer web browser, though IE mode lives on in Microsoft Edge.

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Intro to PyScript: Run Python in your web browser

PyScript lets you run Python scripts right in the browser, side by side with JavaScript, with two-way interaction between your code and the web page.

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Where software development is headed in 2022

From front-end JavaScript innovations to APIs as a service, today’s major trends in tools, technologies, and the cloud make it an exciting time to be a software developer.

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Wasmer WebAssembly runtime adds native compilation

With version 2.3, Wasmer compiles to Wasm and introduces a stack switcher to run Wasm code in a separate stack from the host stack.

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What is Jamstack? The static website revolution upending web development

Learn how Jamstack combines modern development practices with old-school static web pages so developers can build fast websites faster.

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Intro to JHipster: A full-stack framework for Java and JavaScript

A mature framework for generating hybrid Java and JavaScript applications, JHipster supports the development tools you love and provides monitoring and other administrative capabilities out of the box.

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12 free tools for API design, development, and testing

These free and free-tier services and open source utilities will have your APIs up and running in no time, and will keep them running smoothly.

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Angular 14 arrives with typed forms, standalone components

Standalone components promise to streamline the development of Angular apps by reducing the need for NgModules.

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Use logging and DI in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6

How to implement logging, read from the configuration system, and use dependency injection in minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core 6.

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What is WebAssembly? The next-generation web platform explained

WebAssembly is a binary instruction format and virtual machine that brings near-native performance to web browser applications, and allows developers to build high-speed web apps in the language of their choice.

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Reactive JavaScript: The evolution of front-end architecture

Improving the client-side web experience means overcoming the challenges of ‘hydration,’ a fascinating engineering problem being tackled in many different ways. Let’s dive in.

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Introducing Microsoft’s Power Pages

Microsoft’s Power Platform low-code tools now build web apps and turn pictures into code.

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The quantum menace: Quantum computing and cryptography

No one knows when, but crypto-menacing quantum machines are coming. Here's how researchers use quantum mechanics to crack large integers in asymmetric cryptography.

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Google Flutter 3 backs macOS, Linux

Framework for building mobile, web, and desktop applications from a shared codebase adds stable support for two key platforms.

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Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework

Micronaut offers ahead-of-time compilation, reactive NIO, and cloud-native support for microservices and serverless development. Could it be your next Java framework?

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