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C# extension for Visual Studio Code set for LSP overhaul

Microsoft will switch the C# extension to the Language Server Protocol to enable more advanced tooling, including closed-source capabilities such as IntelliSense.

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Visual Studio Code 1.68 identifies deprecated extensions

May 2022 edition of Microsoft’s open source code editor now alerts users to extensions that are no longer maintained or have been deprecated in favor of another extension.

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Review: Visual Studio Code shines for Java

With the Extension Pack for Java, VS Code makes a highly capable Java IDE and formidable competitor to Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA.

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Visual Studio Code 1.67 tunes file nesting, Markdown navigation

April 2022 release of Microsoft’s code editor also brings improvements to the Extension Pack for Java and Visual Studio Code for Web.

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Visual Studio Code 1.66 shines on JavaScript heap profiles, CSS formatting

Local history, language-specific settings also enhanced in latest version of Microsoft’s open source code editor.

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Visual Studio Code 1.65 overhauls editor history navigation

February 2022 release of Microsoft’s open source code editor also enhances debugging, audio cues, and VS Code for the Web.

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Using PWA Studio in Visual Studio Code

Build, test, and deploy progressive web applications inside your development editor.

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Visual Studio Code for Web gets verified GitHub commits

Visual Studio Code 1.64 brings a host of improvements to native and online versions of the code editor.

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Microsoft publishes Java roadmap for Visual Studio Code

Planned Java-related improvements for VS Code range from smarter code completion and better debugging to deeper integration with Kubernetes and cloud services.

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Using the Webview UI Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

Microsoft helps deliver accessible, consistent web-based extensions to its free code editor.

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Visual Studio Code tweaks problem navigation, screencast mode

Visual Studio Code 1.63, aka the November 2021 release, also adds support for trying out pre-release extensions.

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Visual Studio Code 1.62 brings workbench enhancements

October 2021 release of the popular open source code editor features a raft of usability improvements, while work continues on process sandboxing.

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Microsoft previews Visual Studio Code for the Web

Browser-based code editor does have limitations, company warns, but the coding experience is nearly identical to the desktop for web languages.

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Visual Studio Code adds split editor capability

New ‘Split in Group’ command allows Visual Studio Code users to work in two editors side by side, vertically or horizontally, on the same file.

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Visual Studio Code editor moves forward on language detection

Microsoft editor also supports native bracket pair colorization and TypeScript 4.4.

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Use the Visual Studio Code editor in your own projects

Microsoft’s Monaco JavaScript library powers its own editors. Now you can build it into your own code.

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Build verified code with F*

Microsoft Research’s new language makes code safer and more secure.

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Visual Studio Code previews ML-based language detection

Visual Studio Code 1.59, aka the July 2021 edition, also features a preview of a debug Disassembly view.

Do More With R [video teaser/video series] - R Programming Guide - Tips & Tricks

How to run R in Visual Studio Code

If you’re an R programmer hoping to try GitHub Copilot, you’ll need to use Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio. Here’s how to set up and use VS Code for R.

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Visual Studio Code 1.58 improves debugging, Jupyter Notebook support

With the June 2021 release of VS Code, Microsoft also unveiled plans for improving the editor’s Java support in coming months.