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Two developers / programmers collaborate as they review code via laptop display.
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Developers work together to review lines of code in an office workspace.

Visual Studio Code 1.76 shines on usability, pytest

February 2023 release of Microsoft’s code editor enhances usability for profiles and remote development, improves IntelliSense for pytest in the Pylance extension.

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Visual Studio Code 1.75 brings configuration profiles

Profiles allow VS Code users to create and share configurations for the UI, extensions, settings, keyboard shortcuts, tasks, and user snippets.

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Researchers warn of malicious Visual Studio Code extensions

Attackers could easily spoof popular Visual Studio Code extensions and trick developers into downloading them, Aqua Nautilus researchers report.

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Visual Studio Code 1.74 boosts remote development

November 2022 release of the code editor previews a remote tunneling capability that allows developers to securely connect to their VS Code machine from any device anywhere.

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Visual Studio Code 1.73 shines on Command Center, merge editor

October 2022 release of Microsoft’s code editor also features auto-updates for Markdown links, new Python extensions, Dev Container templates, and more.

Two developers collaborate on a project as they review code on a display in their workspace.

VS Code 1.72 enhances Git source control

Visual Studio Code now supports discovery for nested Git repositories and improves autoscrolling, among other features.

Developers work together to review lines of code in an office workspace.

Visual Studio Code 1.71 brings merge editor improvements

A full-fledged Markdown Language Server and expanded codecs support also debut in the latest version of the Microsoft code editor.

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Visual Studio Code 1.70 eases title bar customization

July 2022 release of Microsoft’s code editor also introduces command-line options for opening the three-way merge editor in VS Code.

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RStudio changes name to Posit, expands focus to include Python and VS Code

RStudio is updating its name as it aims to expand use of its commercial products among data science teams using both Python and R.

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Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code, unveils VS Code Server

Visual Studio Code 1.69 introduces the Command Center, while the VS Code Server streamlines connections to remote development machines.

Developers work together to review lines of code in an office workspace.

What is Visual Studio Code? Microsoft’s extensible code editor

Come for the fast editing. Stay for the debugging, source code management support, and huge ecosystem of extensions.

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Microsoft’s complicated dance with open source

The decision to make the C# extension in Visual Studio Code proprietary is raising hackles, but Microsoft is still a consistent supporter of open source.

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C# extension for Visual Studio Code set for LSP overhaul

Microsoft will switch the C# extension to the Language Server Protocol to enable more advanced tooling, including closed-source capabilities such as IntelliSense.

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Visual Studio Code 1.68 identifies deprecated extensions

May 2022 edition of Microsoft’s open source code editor now alerts users to extensions that are no longer maintained or have been deprecated in favor of another extension.

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Review: Visual Studio Code shines for Java

With the Extension Pack for Java, VS Code makes a highly capable Java IDE and formidable competitor to Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA.

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Visual Studio Code 1.67 tunes file nesting, Markdown navigation

April 2022 release of Microsoft’s code editor also brings improvements to the Extension Pack for Java and Visual Studio Code for Web.

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Visual Studio Code 1.66 shines on JavaScript heap profiles, CSS formatting

Local history, language-specific settings also enhanced in latest version of Microsoft’s open source code editor.

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Visual Studio Code 1.65 overhauls editor history navigation

February 2022 release of Microsoft’s open source code editor also enhances debugging, audio cues, and VS Code for the Web.

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