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How to roll your own VPN

With free open source OpenVPN and a low-cost VPS, you can have a secure connection from any location

Startup aims SDN technology at Cisco WANs

SDNs aren't just for data center networks, despite the best-use-case-scenario arguments for network virtualization and flow management pervading the industry.

Sorry, but a VPN is not the only secure mobile connection

Black-and-white thinking on security leaves organizations blind to gamut of secure but enabling approaches available

Amazon Web Services simplifies private cloud configuration, adds SQL Server

Users can now set up a link with Amazon's private cloud using static routing

Citadel exploit goes after weakest link at airport: employees

The man-in-the-browser attack using a Trojan has compromised the VPN at a major hub

10 technologies that changed business forever

The applications, devices, and services that have changed the way we do business often started as small-scale alternatives to the status quo. Now we can't survive without them

Cisco patches vulnerabilities in VPN client, security appliances

Cisco released security updates for AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and several hardware security appliances

Data breach? Blame your third party's remote access systems

Three-quarters of the time, third-party responsible for system support, maintenance introduced the security deficiencies exploited by attackers, study finds

Startup pushes software-defined networking

Founded by ex-Cisco execs, Embrane came out of stealth mode to unveil its products for virtualizing network services

WatchGuard launches iOS-friendly security appliance

The XTM 330 appliance allows iPad and iPhone users to access corporate resources securely

Cisco back orders force users to seek alternatives

Some of Cisco's most popular products have pulled a disappearing act, leaving the door wide open to competitors

New cloud infrastructure service focuses on security

OpSource claims its new offering is the first 'true enterprise cloud'

Palo Alto adds VPN gateway, traffic shaping to firewalls

SSL VPN support takes care of remote access by individuals

Windows 7: Enterprise features explained

Microsoft official Gavriella Schuster details some of what Windows 7 will bring to enterprises

Sprint reconnects Cogent, but differences are unresolved

Sprint says the reconnection is only temporary as the core issues in this dispute have not changed

Sprint-Cogent dispute puts small rip in fabric of Internet

Sprint-Nextel severs its Internet connection with Cogent after disagreement over peering arrangement

Untangle turns ordinary PC into security box

Untangle's open source 'Re-Router' gateway system can turn any Windows XP PC into a fully-featured security appliance that filters all network traffic for a range of threats

Cisco makes teleworking transparent

Cisco Virtual Office hides the complexity of a VPN and lets remote workers easily make their home setups work just like a regular office

Nortel uses USB drive to secure remote work

Nortel's 'office on a stick' USB drive can link almost any PC with a corporate VPN and keep all the information from a session encrypted

SSL VPNs might not be as secure as you think

Reserach presented at the Black Hat security conference shows that SSL VPNs can be hacked in a way that allows attackers to take over remote users' PCs

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