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Government building with greek columns

Want privacy? Congress says you'll have to pay for it

What to expect after the repeal of FCC broadband privacy rules: Hackers, VPNs, and a privacy tax, for starters

Digital Key security

OpenVPN will be audited for security flaws

Cryptographer Matthew Green will analyze the popular software for flaws

security code big data cyberespionage DDoS

More than 840,000 Cisco devices are vulnerable to NSA-related exploit

The vulnerability could allow hackers to extract potentially sensitive information from devices' memory

A paranoid user with a laptop computer looks around suspiciously. [credit: Thinkstock]

5 secure habits of the paranoid PC user

Are you getting a little sloppy with your security? Time to shape up. Practice these five habits to protect your data at home, in the office and out in the world

opera vpn enabled popup

Opera browser build adds a first: Free, unlimited VPN for secure surfing

Suddenly, it's a lot easier to surf privately online -- assuming the beta works

A real bug on a computer monitor full of code

Juniper Networks code review reveals no new backdoors

Juniper's continuing internal code audit closes some vulnerabilities in Junos OS products and, even better, unearths no other examples of spying code


Review: Consider VPN services for hotspot protection

Seven low-cost VPN services for when you’re out of the office or out of the country

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