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GitHub bolsters NPM access control

New granular access tokens allow NPM package maintainers to restrict which packages, scopes, and organizations a token has access to.

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GitHub Codespaces freely available to all GitHub users

All GitHub users can use the GitHub-hosted development environments free for up to 60 hours per month. Codespaces also added JetBrains IDE, JupyterLab, and GPU support.

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GitHub faces lawsuit over Copilot AI coding assistant

Class-action complaint contends that training the AI system on public GitHub repos violates the legal rights of creators who posted the code under open-source licenses.

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GitHub sees a surge in IaC adoption

The annual 'State of the Octoverse' report notes an increase in IaC adoption and the growing role of operations in open source development, among other trends.

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How to choose a cloud CI/CD platform

Hosting CI/CD in the cloud can speed up interactions between development pipelines and source code repositories and make life easier for developers. There are a surprising number of options.

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GitHub for English teachers

Can a coder’s tool help non-coders learn how to write and edit prose? GitHub is a powerful way to record and ‘play back’ edits step-by-step, even when the text isn’t code.

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Doomed GitHub Trending page may be saved

GitHub had planned to axe the page that lists hot projects and developers due to low usage, but the company is reconsidering in light of community feedback.

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Apple moves WebKit to GitHub

WebKit project team cites numerous benefits to using GitHub including its large community of developers and powerful automation capabilities.

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Visualizing the Hacker News API with HCL and SQL

Use Steampipe and GitHub Actions to create a ‘dashboard as code’ for exploring thousands of Hacker News stories, right up to the current hour.

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GitHub Copilot users feel more productive

A GitHub study finds that developers who accept more Copilot suggestions at least feel more productive, while actual programmer productivity is hard to measure.

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GitHub Copilot AI coding assistant is now generally available

Copilot is available via subscription for commercial developers, free to students and maintainers of popular open source projects.

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GitHub adds supply chain security tools for Rust language

GitHub’s supply chain security features including the advisory database, Dependabot alerts, and dependency graph are now available for Rust Cargo files.

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GitHub Enterprise Server adds code security, automation features

Update to GitHub’s software for managing repositories on private servers features GitHub Container Registry access, Dependabot security alerts and updates, and reusable workflows.

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GitHub will require two-factor authentication for all coders

All users who contribute code to GitHub-hosted repositories must enable one or more forms of 2FA by the end of 2023.

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5 tools to rule your software development life cycle

Modern software development is fast, iterative, and complex. Modern teams need at least these five tools to manage all of the moving parts.

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GitHub enhances secret scanning for tighter code security

GitHub Advanced Security now allows developers to scan code for tokens, keys, and other security secrets as they push the code to a repository.

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What is Git? Version control for collaborative programming

Invented for Linux kernel development, Git version control now powers millions of projects across the globe. You can use it with or without GitHub.


Git alternative Pijul moves to beta

Open source distributed version control system based on a ‘theory of patches’ promises to be fast, scalable, and easier to learn and use than Git.

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