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Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs come to Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud now offers bare-metal instances with Nvidia H100 GPUs for AI training and inference and high-performance computing applications. Nvidia L40S GPUs are on the way.

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Generative AI most important technology ever, Oracle’s Ellison says

Generative AI fundamentally changes how apps will be built and run at Oracle, the company’s CTO and co-founder said.

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Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave gets Vector Store, generative AI features

The new generative AI capabilities and the Vector Store are currently in private preview.

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How Microsoft uses walkthroughs to guide open source development

Often the hardest part of contributing to an open source project is learning where to start. Microsoft has a cure for that.

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A new way of thinking about open source sustainability

Go beyond paying developers to maintain the software your business depends on. Pay the companies that pay the developers and watch the whole ecosystem thrive.

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IBM unveils generative AI foundation models

IBM Granite series foundation models apply generative AI to natural language and coding tasks. Plus, Watsonx generative AI capabilities are coming to the Watsonx data lakehouse.

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Building collaborative apps with Microsoft Loop components

Adaptive Card-based Loop components are live and portable chunks of functionality that you can embed in Outlook, Teams, business apps, and your own code. Here’s how to get started.

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Generative AI may displace traditional cloud development

With the explosion of interest (and money) in generative AI, what will be left for traditional cloud service development and enhancement that companies need?

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IBM Watsonx to use generative AI to translate COBOL code into Java

The product is targeted at modernizing mainframe applications that run on IBM Z systems, as the number of COBOL developers starts to dwindle.

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Follow the cloud money

Led by CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE, the new Open Enterprise Linux Association is likely to fail without at least one major cloud vendor on board.


Building LLM applications with vector search in Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft’s Cognitive Search API now offers vector search as a service, ready for use with large language models in Azure OpenAI and beyond.

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Google launches Pricing API to help enterprises optimize cloud costs

Pricing API will provide an inventory of public services and SKUs along with account-specific custom prices and discounts with additional metadata, down to the SKU level.


Suse, Oracle, CIQ join forces to fuel RHEL-compatible Linux distros

The Open Enterprise Linux Association will provide the source code needed to create downstream distributions compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the companies announced.

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Low code AI with Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft's AI Builder introduces low-code generative AI capabilities to Power Apps and Power Automate. Let's see how the preview features stack up.

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Microsoft unveils TypeChat library for building natural language interfaces

Open source library draws on TypeScript and type definitions to retrieve structured responses from AI models that are type-safe.

Microsoft Semantic Kernel will support OpenAI plugins

Fall 2023 roadmap for the LLM-integrating SDK also lists plans for plugin testing, dynamic planners, end-to-end telemetry, and links to vector databases.


Build custom actions for Power Automate for Windows

Bundled with Windows 11, Power Automate for Windows lets you wrap low-code workflows around your desktop applications. A new SDK supports custom actions.

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Red Hat kicked off a tempest in a teapot

The biggest threats to Red Hat’s Linux market share will come from the companies that make it easiest for developers to do their jobs.

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