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Google blew it with open source layoffs

The decision to cut people who built the foundation that supports Google’s open source and cloud successes seems incredibly shortsighted.

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Oracle per-employee Java pricing causes concern

New pricing plan for Oracle Java SE starts at $15 per employee per month and scales downward based on number of users.

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Google pulls the plug on Optimize

Google’s Optimize and Optimize 360 website testing and analytics tools will be phased out later this year in favor of Google Analytics 4.

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When will cloud computing stop growing?

The pandemic caused a huge cloud computing growth spurt, and cloud is now the foundation for all emerging technology. Growth will continue, but the rate is debatable.

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Why don’t cloud providers integrate?

Enterprises will never be single-vendor IT shops. Cloud providers and other technology vendors that don’t play well with competitive products are harming their customers.

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Google's Vertex AI Vision brings no-code to computer vision

Vertex AI Vision combines video sources, machine learning models, and data warehouses to deliver rich insights and computer vision

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Where Microsoft’s open source policy went wrong

Instead of restricting which open source software can be sold, Microsoft should eliminate ambiguity in its Microsoft Store policy and reaffirm the rights of developers to sell their work.

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Inside Microsoft’s cloud-first .NET 7 release

November means it’s time for a new .NET release. What’s in .NET 7 for the cloud and for containers? Cross-platform support and cloud-native functionality.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard review: Tiny typing comfort at a cost

Compact and with great key action, but expensive, the HHKB wants to be your one keyboard for all devices.

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Microsoft-ing your way through a recession

The tech giant offers a model for tight times, and Matt has some advice for rightsizing your headcount.

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Oracle makes Java discovery service free to all

Oracle’s Java Management Service can shine a light on which versions of Java you’re running, what apps are running on them, and which installs are outdated.

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Oracle unveils performance pack for Java 8

Enterprise Performance Pack is a drop-in replacement for Java 8 that promises significant improvements in memory management and performance.

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Run your own Oracle Cloud with Oracle Alloy

Oracle Alloy serves as a cloud infrastructure platform for service providers, integrators, ISVs, and others who want to roll out their own cloud services to customers.

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Get used to cloud vendor lock-in

The only certainties in life are death, taxes, and cloud lock-in. Let’s look at the reasons behind lock-in reality and why it’s so difficult to avoid.

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Natural language processing with Apache OpenNLP

Get a quick and easy introduction to natural language processing using the free, open source Apache OpenNLP toolkit and pre-built models for language detection, sentence detection, tagging parts of speech, and more.

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VirtualBox 7 remotes into Oracle Cloud

Update to Oracle’s virtualization application adds remote control of cloud-hosted VMs and the ability to fully encrypt virtual machines.

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Mozilla is looking for a scapegoat

The declining browser’s problem isn’t anti-competitive practices, it’s competition itself.

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Oracle MySQL HeatWave comes to AWS

Oracle’s MySQL database service supporting mixed analytical, transaction processing, and machine learning workloads is now available on Amazon Web Services.

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