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Work queues in Power Automate
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A laptop user works securely behind a firewall.

Cloud-based IT operations are on the rise

You chose on-premises systems behind a firewall for security. Don’t look now; cloud-based systems may carry out those operations on the firewall's other side.

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Are multiyear cloud agreements a good idea?

Discounts or better service may come with big strings attached. Losing the ability to chase innovations or adjust to market changes may not be worth it.

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Google’s Dart 3 and Flutter 3.10 bring big changes

Dart 3 introduces sound null safety, major new language features, and a Wasm preview, while Flutter 3.10 fleshes out the Material 3 widget toolkit and support for macOS and iOS targets.

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Google unveils PaLM 2 AI language model

The next-generation large language model boasts advanced multilingual, code generation, and reasoning capabilities, and is already being used in Bard and other Google AI tools.

IBM Watson

IBM takes on AWS, Google, and Microsoft with Watsonx

The generative AI platform comes with a suite of tools for tuning large language models, a data store built on lakehouse architecture, and an AI governance toolkit.

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Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel adds Copilot Chat sample app

Semantic Kernel SDK and sample app promise to ease the development of intelligent assistants based on AI large language models.

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The era of cloud optimization is upon us

As everyone prepares to jump headlong into generative AI and large language models, cloud will continue its strong performance.

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Google’s Bard AI to take on GitHub Copilot and Amazon CodeWhisperer

Google’s generative AI offering is now capable of helping developers write and debug code in 20 programming languages including Python and Typescript, the company said.

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Linux Foundation launches TLA+ language foundation

TLA+ is a high-level programming language used to model complex, concurrent, and distributed programs and systems. It was created by Leslie Lamport and is backed by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Oracle.

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Oracle expands availability of Java 8 performance pack

The Java 8 Enterprise Performance Pack, a performance boosting drop-in replacement for JDK 8 workloads on Linux, is now available via public download.

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Semantic Kernel: A bridge between large language models and your code

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel SDK makes it easier to manage complex prompts and get focused results from large language models like GPT.

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Google launches dependency API and curated package repository with security metadata

With the two new services, Google aims to help minimize risk from malicious code in the software supply chain.

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SAP to add more governance capability for low-code tool Build

The new feature, which will enable IT teams to monitor the usage, performance and data access to applications developed on Build, is likely to be added soon, the company said.

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Oracle: Java subscribers can renew under old terms

Existing Oracle Java SE licensees may continue with their per-processor or per-user plans, and do not have to move to the new per-employee subscription, Oracle says.

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Eclipse Java downloads skyrocket

Eclipse Foundation reports more than 12 million downloads of its Temurin Java SE binaries per month over the past three months.

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7 awesome JavaScript projects to check out today

The JavaScript ecosystem is rich with innovation and expanding rapidly. Here are seven tools and frameworks that point to what's next for JavaScript.

microsoft ceo satya nadella announces the new bing ai based homepage

Microsoft more than triples Bing Search API prices to recoup investments

A comparison of the prices reflects a 3x to 10x increase across different tiers for Bing Search and Bing Image Search APIs.

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Oracle’s new Java subscription model to cost a lot more: Gartner

In January, Oracle replaced the Java SE and Java SE Desktop subscription with the new Java SE Universal subscription that charges enterprise on a per employee metric instead of a per processor or per named user plus metric.

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