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Redwood web framework hits 1.0 release milestone

Full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript framework builds on React, GraphQL, Prisma, and Storybook for Jamstack-style deployment.

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Microsoft pushes optional type annotations for JavaScript

Standards proposal would allow annotations to be checked by external type checkers like TypeScript but treated as comments by the JavaScript engine.

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TypeScript 4.6 adds control flow analysis, ES2022 support

Latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript also allows code in constructors before super(), improves recursion depth checks, and more.

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Deno 1.19 extends web streams support

Latest update to the secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript brings native support for web streams to files, network sockets, and stdio.

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Deno 1.18 completes Web Crypto API

Latest release of Node.js alternative also brings automatic discovery of configuration files and stabilization of the nested test steps API.

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Deno joins JavaScript standards effort

Company behind JavaScript/TypeScript runtime will push for additions to ECMAScript that benefit users of server-side JavaScript.

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TypeScript 4.5 arrives with Promise improvements

Latest GA release of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces new Awaited utility type to model Promise recursions, defers ECMAScript module support for Node.js to a future release.

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Deno improves JSX transform, WebAssembly support

JavaScript/TypeScript runtime also brings enhancements related to TLS, Web Streams, test permissions.

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What’s new in Angular 13

Version 13 of the popular TypeScript-based web framework is now available as a production release.

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Angular proposal would make NgModules optional

The Angular development team considers a shift toward a simpler reuse model to improve the developer experience.

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Deno 1.15 improves Node.js compatibility

New version of the Node.js alternative also makes progress toward a feature-complete Web Crypto API.

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Deno 1.14 extends Web Crypto API

Latest update to the Node.js rival also stabilizes the WebSocket API, introduces file locking APIs, and updates the Deno extension for Visual Studio Code.

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Visual Studio Code editor moves forward on language detection

Microsoft editor also supports native bracket pair colorization and TypeScript 4.4.

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Deno 1.13 emphasizes HTTP server API stability

Upgrades to native HTTP server are now advised for users of JavaScript/TypeScript runtime.

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TypeScript 4.4 brings performance boosts

Now in a release candidate stage, the next upgrade to Microsoft’s typed JavaScript also introduces control flow analysis and spelling suggestions in plain JavaScript files.

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Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 shines on JavaScript, TypeScript, Git

Multi-repo capabilities also highlighted in planned upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship IDE.

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What’s new in Angular 12

Angular 12.1 update adds compiler support for shorthand property declarations and fixes for the compiler, compiler CLI, router, and service workers.

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Angular team streamlines feature requests

Feature requests will be reviewed for alignment with existing projects on the Angular roadmap, then prioritized or put through a 60-day voting process.

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TypeScript 4.3 brings type specification for properties

Latest upgrade to Microsoft’s typed JavaScript also introduces an override keyword and improvements to template string types.

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Deno 1.10 overhauls test runner

Latest version of the JavaScript and TypeScript runtime introduces the ability to run test modules in isolation, along with other testing improvements.

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